NextGen Solo has used a few engines in the past when developing their games or preparing kits for third-parties to use when developing for NS systems. NextGen Solo engines are generally updated when their consoles are, to fit the improved specs. However, smaller updates are frequently sent out to the existing versions via their recently-created in-house patching system.

Currently Used Engines

Engine Shift

Engine Shift is the engine behind all Nextablet games. It is a massive update on the infrastructure of the original SHiFT Engine, made for the NextGen NinTablet, which they co-developed with Nintendo.

Engine Zeta

Engine Zeta is the engine behind all Neo games. Rather than being entirely built from scratch, Zeta is a large upgrade on Volt X. This was done to shorten Neo production time, and to preserve the stability achieved with Volt X.

Engine Delta

Engine Delta is the engine used in NS' game for the Hybrid Delta, Ultimate Koopa Battles 2. This engine is a modified version of the regular Hybrid Delta engine made by Hybrid Co. It was made to specifically fit the needs of UKB2.

Discontinued Engines

Volt X

Volt X is the engine behind all NextGen Bluevolt S and X games. The Bluevolt S does not take full advantage of the engine, as its specs are not as powerful as the Bluevolt X. It, rather than being a huge update to the previous Bluevolt engine, is an entirely new system crafted from scratch.


Volt is the engine behind all Bluevolt and Bluevolt 2 games. The Volt is the first engine developed by NextGen Solo, and now lacks considerably in comparison on all levels to their current engines. For some reason, both Volt X and Engine Zeta contain unused files of the Volt engine's code.

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