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Full Name Nex Govini
Current Age 9
Date of Birth January, 5th , 2002
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Location Rapnos City
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations

Maxime Lina Mona Gide

Main Weapon(s) Mystic Energy
Ability/ies Transparent Legs\Feet, Wall Jump, Rolling, Cape Parachute, Mysic Energy
First Appearance Energy
Latest Appearance Energy
N'ex is the "second banana" in the Mystic Series who was once also a human but was cursed by Embori and sent off to the Mystic Zone along with his brother Hex .

Physical Apperance

Nex's fur is a silver color. He has a lime-green cape that straps to his neck and light blue shoes with red soles like his brother. Nex also has blue gloves with four fingers connected by nothing or transparent arms. Nex also has a pinkish nose with an animal-like mouth. Like most characters in the Mystic Series he has big white eyes with oval-like pupils that shine on the top and the upper-left side. Nex has big fox-like ears enableing him to hear quite well like his brother. Between his ears he has a small rectangular charm with a circle in the middle.