Hello! This is the reviews page for Newer Super Mario Bros U. Here you can say what you want about the game, but you have to:

1. Do not be rude

2. Be honest

After reviewing, put your name under the review.

by NSMWu.


Renardy gave this article a rank of 3 Stars. They also said: Well, this is a pretty nice game, I like how there is level names like in NSMBU, the intro is kind of cool (other than Bowser kidnapping Peach for the millionth time), I like how Bowser shot Mario and the others far away. Theres maybe a bit missing like the gameplay. The arts are okay and the boxart looks nice, thats pretty much it. Don't like this review? Make your own or dicuss on their talk!

6/10 This game is pretty decent. The inclusion of character stats and other things really made this game better. Unfortunately, there are no new power ups which makes this game only decent. That's why I give this game a six. From, ShadeTheNarwhal.

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