Newer Super Luigi U is arelease from New Super Luigi U. You can play up to 4 characters and there are many playing modes.



name advantage disadvantage

unlocking method

Luigi Jumps higher Difficult to control From Start
Mario Balanced Balanced From Start
Toad Runs the fastest Jumps the lowest

From Start

Peach Floats in air Runs the slowest

From Start

Rosalina Has spin jump Spin jump is only in small and big form Complete star-2
Nabbit He is invicible None Beat the game
Daisy She is the most powerful She is very difficult to control Complete Sarassaland

Name of World Boss
Acorn Plains Larry Koopa
Layer Cake Desert Roy Koopa
Snowy Mountains Wendy O. Koopa
Water Land Lemmy Koopa
Cola Jungle Iggy Koopa
Cloudy Mountains Morton Koopa jr.
Cloud Kingdom Ludwig Von Koopa
Mushroom Kingdom Bowser jr. & Bowser
Star Dark Bowser

Shroob Planet 1

Princess Shroob
Shroob Planet 2 Elder Princess Shroob
Bowser's Kingdom Past Morton Koopa Sr.

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