Here are the Newcomers for SSBO. I will make more of these pages. Due to the problems with page space.

Hammer Bros.

MKXL Hammer Bro


B= Mallet Throw

Side B= Hammer Spin

Up B: Block Jump

Down B: Hammer Dash

Final Smash: Join Forces

On Screen Appearance

Pixelated Hammer Bro Jumps up and becomes realistic.

Victory Poses

  1. Swings his Hammer around until landing a mud shake
  2. Spins in his shell until he jumps with joy.

3.Lands from the sky doing a pose very similar to his Pose on the selection screen.

Losing animation

Claps for winner

Alternate colors

Alternate Hammer Bro
Crazy Hammer Bro.
MSCF- Hammer Bro Icon
Geno for Brawl by Geno Fan
Dark Hammer Bro.

B: Geno Beam

Side B: Geno Boost

Up B: Geno Whirl

Down B: Geno Blast

Final Smash: Geno Flash

On-screen appearance

Wooden toy gets flooded with holy light and stands up to fight

Victory poses

  1. Flies around until landing with a heroic pose.
  2. Turns away until suddenly facing the screen like his selection pose

3.Turns into a wooden bird and the flying away grunting.

Losing animation

Claps for winner

SSBRiot Geno Color Palettes
Alternate colorsKing K. Rool
King K Rool SSBU
King K Rool SSBU
Army Hammer Bro.
New Paper Hammer Bro. Sprite


B: KannonBalls

Side B: K Dash

Up B:Jet Pack

Down B:EarthQuake

Final Smash: Kremling Carnage

Onscreen appearance

Rides on Boat and lands on stage

Victory poses

Punches then does a muscle pose

Blows a barrel cannon apart laughing

Flies away on jet pack grunting.

Lose animation

Claps for winner showing anger.

Alternate colors

King K. Rool Palette
Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
Vaati (2)



B. Demon sphere

side b: Picori blade

up b: Teleport

down b: Picori stab

final smash: Vaati reborn

On screen apearance

Dark void opens up and Vaati steps out

Victory Pose

Turns into Vaati transfigured laughing.

Losing poses

claps for winner.

Alternate colors

F - Vaati (FSA)
F - Vaati (MC)
F - Vaati (FS)
Minish cap Vaati by lasercut

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