Newbie Tour
Pokemon Unlocked Pikachu
Boss Song The Boxer
Song Number 5 (1 setlist)

Newbie Tour is the first tour in Pokémon Band. It is, unlike many tours, not optional- until the tour has been completed, Free Play Mode cannot be used. It is the only tour in which there is no singer, with the exception of the final song. This is because, at this point in the game, the pokemon band only has three members- the drummer, the guitarist/pianist, and the bassist. Directly before the final song, Pikachu leaps onstage and provides vocals for that song. This causes the other band members to recruit Pikachu for the band, and he becomes their singer (although other singers, as well as other drummers, guitarists, pianists, and bassists, among other instrumentalists, can be recruited after the Newbie Tour). All of the songs played on the Newbie Tour are performed in the Garage Arena, the first arena unlocked.
For songs in which piano is used, the guitarist plays piano instead of guitar.
The songs steadily shift from videogame music to rock music, using Radiohead's Hunting Bears as a bridge.

Songs Played in the Garage Arena

Song Artist Name #
Dire Dire Docks Theme Nintendo 1
Good Egg Galaxy Theme Nintendo 2
Pokemon Battle Theme Nintendo 3
Hunting Bears Radiohead 4
The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel 5

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