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This is new super mario bros. 7 for wii U which is similar to new super mario bros U but it has completely new worlds. more baby yoshis, different colored yoshis and you can play 6 players. There's also a built in level editor as well. There are also 7 minigames added to the menu. All players including P1 can choose their character.


Mario MK

He is the star of the game like every game. His job is to defeat bowser. He and his friends all have to work together to the end, but MARIO can do it.

Luigi U

He is Mario's brother and also has the job of defeating bowser.

Blue toad
Bobby the blue toad.

He is younger brother to Ricky and Yuri and is the cutest of them all and also the youngest player.

Yellow toad
Yuri the Yellow toad

She may have 2 teeth but she is the eldest of the 3 toads because her 2 brothers are younger than she is.

Red toad
Ricky the Red Toad

He is older than Bobby and Younger that Yureli. He is the leader of the 3 toads.

480px-Wario Overalls SSB4 Render



He is Mario's rival but the two get along just fine just like he gets along with everybody. He used to be evil because of his W.

20100606222911!Waluigi 6

Waluigi Class: Heavyweight


He is the oldest plumber of all and the wisest helper. He guides everyone to victory just like mario does.

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World



She is the big princess and she has been trapped by bowser and his minions. Good thing mario is coming to save her.


Ultimate smashers characters bowser by starmasterjohn-d5o6lrx



He is the all-time orange turtle villian who wants to kidnap princess peach.

Anti bowser

He may look exactly like bowser but he is the exact opposite because he has a heart as his belly badge. He cares about the mario gang. Even yoshis. He is dark blue with a light blue mouth and belly and a green shell bottom and a dark blue shell.

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