New super mario bros 3 is the 5th installment in the new super mario bros series published by nintendo. It brings the new mechanic of stories, similar to the sonic games. You have the option to play Mario's story or the koopalings story. There are 12 characters for each story.


Mario story

Mario SML
Fire storm- Mario brings down a horde of fireballs on enemies, and creates a fire shield for a temporary amount of time.
Poltergust tornado- Luigi pulls out his poltergust 5000, Uses the strobulb to stun all enemies, and sucks them all up, giving him a coin bonus.
Wario NSMP
Garlic breath- Wario eats garlic, upping his speed and, when getting near an enemy, breaths on them.
Liar tornado- Waluigi takes two tennis rackets, spins them around with enough force of a tornado, sweeping up all the enemies for a coin bonus.
Egg bomber- Yoshi swallows a variety of eggs, letting you stop, aim, and hit with a consecutive combo and more powerful eggs.
Mush stool- Much similar to his ability in mario sports mix, Toad bombards the area with a mushroom bonzana, with you being able to guide them.
Digging for gold- Captain toad pulls out a pickax and waves it on an axing frenzy to take out enemies.

Koopalings story

Power ups

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