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Baby Yoshi Ability Unlock time
Baby Mario Green Normal Defult
Baby Luigi Light Blue Higher jump Defult
Baby Peach Pink Parasult Beat World 1
Baby Daisy Yellow Watering can Beat world 1
Baby Wario Red Bomb beat world 2
Baby Waluigi Purple Magnet Beat world 2
Baby DK Brown Climbing Beat world 3
Baby Yoshi Blue SMW Koopa shells Beat world 3
Baby Toad Orange Toad shield Beat world 4


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are playing with Baby Peach Baby Dasiy and the spork when baby Peach Baby Daisy and the Spork and baby Mario and  Baby Luigi start crying Yoshi and LB Yoshi arrive with news: ALL OF THE YOSHIS ARE GONE so they team up to defeat baby bowser.

Secret Boss

When you beat the game there is another world for Black and White Yoshi yoshi with 10 levels one for each baby and a alone stage with no baby in the alone stage there is a secret door go in it you fight Boshi.

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