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Zaxinian Lifts Icon
icon by Shadow Inferno (tbc)

The Zaxinian Lifts is a universe where most of Athena Hawkins' characters reside and thrive. As with all previous incarnations of the universe, it hosts nearly all of Athena (tbc)'s franchises, regardless of origin, and connects them together, via placing the various series into different galaxies. It is loosely connected to the New Fantendoverse, but its involvement is rather minimal in comparison to other involved universes, preventing it from being subject to broken lore or loopholes.

A recurring element in the Lifts is several games, characters, and places are either named after, directly reference, or are inspired by lore built off of the band Metallica and its music.


The Zaxinian Lifts, on the outside, are a series of castles and towers connected by bridges, all held up on heavy clouds. Surrounding a large circular platform are golden-ringed portals, each one leading to galaxies contained by the Lifts. Inside those rings are a colored sphere that displays the symbol of that portal's respective universe in the center. Every time midnight strikes, a dark fog falls over the Lifts. The fog lasts two hours, and is supposed to catch unwanted visitors off guard.

The castles and towers have different purposes. Seven of the eight castles hold powerful and important emotional deities, while all twenty-four of the towers hold deities that have control over different things such as weather, elemental powers, environment and more. Average people or at least those without permissions cannot enter these buildings, they can only move to their galaxies or take a rest in the sole Zaxinian Hotel, which is open to all residents.

These castles and towers look rusty and dark, and things such as wrecking balls and spiked maces hang from the platforms of the Lifts, and turret guns and laser cannons are set up everywhere. This set-up is supposed to bring security to the Lifts. The dark atmosphere is reflected by the different types of residents and the horror-related creatures roaming the lifts, such as vampires and spiders. The dark set up is supposed to look unwelcoming to trespassers or potential thieves.

Contrary to popular belief within the Lifts, they are easy to navigate. The Lifts only have three platforms that need to be traversed -- the first one has Zodiez's home and is connected to a series of bridges leading down into the Fantendoverse. The second one has Fandraxono's home and is used as a place to file complaints or disasters. The third one is the largest, and contains multiple portals to the various galaxies.

The Lore

Please see here for the lore.



  • Zaxina - the original name - was inspired by the name of the AoWiki universe, Zolara.
    • Zaxina, despite being an old name, was reused for the original incarnation of the Lifts.

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