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New Yoshi Island

New Yoshis Island is a game with every baby character ever made. It was made for the DS and the WII.


Baby Mario Yoshi: Green
Baby Mario NSMBDIY
His special ability is being able to make Yoshi run faster.
Baby Luigi Yoshi: Pink
His special ability is being able to shoot green fireballs to get through passages usually unacessable.
Baby Peach

Yoshi: Red

Her special ability is being ability to attack enemies with her parasol, and fly with windy flower panels with it too.
Baby Daisy Yoshi: Light Blue She has an upgraded parasol and can throw rattles at enemies.
Baby DK Yoshi: Blue Can swing on vines, do DK Dash and can hover a few inches higher.
Baby Wario Yoshi: Light Yellow Power: Can use a magnet (has the same skills from Yoshi's Island DS)

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