New Super Smash Bros. Devastation is the handheld version of Super Smash Bros. Devastation for the New Nintendo 3DS. According to Sakurai, this version will be a little cheaper but with less contents like 10 less characters and stages, without both Story Mode and Smash Tower as well as some smaller stuffs. However, there will be 5 different characters and stages and the return of the Adventure Mode.

Differences between the console version

  • Console version has 10 more characters but five of them has been replaced in the handheld version.
  • Console version has also 10 more stages bt five of them were replaced.
  • Sheik, Zero Suit Samus and Young Link were all scrapped.
  • Story Mode, Smash Tower, Arena Mode and Special Smash have all been removed. However, Adventure Mode from Melee has been revamped, as well as the Classic from Melee and the Smash Run from Smash 3DS.
  • It's impossible to do and 8-Player Smash but you can play with up to 6 friends in a 6-Player Smash.


As said before, some characters have been scrapped but some other have been revamped or have been introduced in Smash series. All the exclusive characters are starters.

As you can see, Impa, Lucas, Wolf, Gardevoir and Sukapon are exclusive of the handheld version.



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