This game is an HD remake of the first Super Smash Bros. Game, This game is different because it's in HD and contains elements that weren't in the n64 version

Blank SSBB Template by simayiboy


B = Fire Ball

B side = Super Cape

B up = Coin Fist

B down = Tornado Spin

Final Smash = Mario Finale


B = Fire Breath

B side = Grab

B up = Whirling Fortress

B down = Bowser Bomb

Final Smash = Koopa Car


B = Toad

B side = Peach Bomb

B up = Parasol

B down = Vegetable

Final Smash = Peach Blossum

Luigi *

B = Green Missle

B side = Skull Bust

B up = Coin Fist

B down = Tornado Spin

Final Smash = Green Missle Finale

Wario *

B = Chomp

B side = Wario Bike

B up = Corquescrew

B down = Wario Waft

Final Smash = Wario Man


B = Tounge

B side = Egg Roll

B up = Egg Toss

B down = Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash = Super Dragon

Donkey Kong

B = Super Punch

B side = Headbutt

B up = Kong Twirl

B down = Ground Pound

Final Smash = Barrel Madness


B = Arrow

B side = Boomerang

B up = Sword Spin

B down = Bomb

Final Smash = Triforce Slash


B = Light Arrow

B side = Angel Ring

B up = Wings of Pegasis

B down = Mirror Shield

Final Smash = Palutena's Army


B = Inhale

B side = Hammer

B up = Final Cutter

B down = Stone

Final Smash = Cook Kirby

King Dedede *

B = Inhale

B side = Waddle Dee Toss

B up = Super Dedede Jump

B down = Rocket Hammer

Final Smash = Waddle Dee Army


B = Thunder Ball

B side = Skull Buster

B up = Recover

B down = Thunder Bolt

Final Smash = Volt Tackle

Jigglypuff *

B = Roll

B side = Puff Punch

B up = Sing

B down = Sleep

Final Smash = Puff Up


B = Scratch

B side = Coin Toss

B up = Corquescrew

B down = Payday

Final Smash = Meowth's Party

Mewtwo *

B = Shadow Ball

B side = Toss

B up = Warp

B down = Confuse

Final Smash = Super Galaxy Blast


B = Charge Shot

B side = Missle Shot

B up = Screw Attack

B down = Bomb

Final Smash = Zero Lazer


B = Blaster Shot

B side = Illusion

B up = Fire Fox

B down = Reflector Shield

Final Smash = Landmaster

Ness *

B = PK Bash

B side = PK Fire

B up = PK Thunder

B down = PSi Magnet

Final Smash = PK Star Storm

Captain Falcon *

B = Falcon Punch

B side = Raptor Boost

B up = Falcon Dive

B down = Falcon Kick

Final Smash = Blue Falcon


Coming Soon, I promise!


Master Hand

Crazy Hand

Fighting Polygons


Yes, there coming soon too.

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