NOTE: This page is silly and stupid, and does not reflect my writing skills at all.

New Super Nabbit is a game by MariofanTexas studios, set to come out in 2013-2014.


Nabbit and Grabbit are hungry so they find a toad house. they steal all the mushrooms and run for it. Toad calls Mario and Luigi and orders them to catch Nabbit and Grabbit.
New Super Nabbit

Box art


The Game Plays simmiler to NSMBW except the jumping is altered depending on the character (ex. Nabbit and Grabbit jump high while the two koopas jump long.)

World zero: Toad Town

The game starts with Nabbit,Grabbit,and two koopas robbing a toad house. Toad screams and Mario appears. Nabbit and Grabbit make a run for it. Instructions appear on screen, The players are automaticly running and can only jump. After Getting to Mushroom Castle's gate Mario and Luigi throw the players into the cannon. The cannon shoots them far away...

World one: Gold Falls

The players land near a lake full of coins, Nabbit takes one and stuffs it in his pocket.

To be continued... 


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