Image Name Description
Goomba model Goomba The Goombas are the most common enemies you'll ever face. They can be easily defeated with a single stomp, fire flower, or blue shell.
Paragoomba model Paragoomba These guys are basically just Goombas with wings. One stomp will knock its wings out. Another stomp will finish it off.
Spiky Goomba sprite Spiky Goomba These guys will make anyone regret stomping on them. But they can be defeated easily with a Fire Flower, Ice Flower, or Blue Shell.
Koopa green Koopa Toopa The Koopa Troopa are turtle-like enemy that will hid inside it's Shell if it is stomped. Mario can then pick up the Shell and toss it at enemies. Green Koopas walk straight and turn around at walls, but will walk off cliffs. Elite Koopas don't, however.
Hammerbro Hammer Bro. These are very annoying foes that jump while tossing hammers at the Mario Bros. Hammer Bros. are usually seen in doubles, and their hammers can be eaten by Yoshi and spat back at them. Mario can also stomp this him or kill him with a fire flower.
Boomerangbro Boomerang Bro. A boomerang tossing Hammer Bro. that moves and jumps just like a Hammer Bro. It's skilled with a boomerang and will throw it toward Mario and then fly though the air back to the Boomerang Bro., making them quite dangerous.
Firebro Fire Bro. A fireball shooting Hammer Bro. that uses Fire Mario's attacks against him. He shoots a fireball every few seconds in a particular pattern. Fire Bros. are must more dangerous and tricky when they appear in doubles.
Icebro Ice Bro. An ice shooting Hammer Bros. that has all of Ice Mario powers and can actually freeze Mario if his is hit with an iceball for a few seconds. When Mario is unfrozen, he will loose his power-up or just die.
Thunderbro Thunder Bro. A lightning shooting Hammer Bro. that has all of Lighning Mario's powers and uses lightning attacks against him. He sends a blot of lightning every few seconds. They are recommended to be defeated quickly if they ever appear in doubles.
Vortex Bro Vortex Bro. A vortex releasing Hammer Bro. that has all of Vortex Mario's powers and uses vortex attacks against him. He unleashes a devastating vortex every few seconds. Survival is rare if they ever appear in doubles.

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