This game is for the Wii U.U and will be realed in late 2015.


Mario [P1]

Luigi [P2]

Blue Toad [P3]

Yellow Toad [P4]

Nabbit [P5]

Mii [P6]

Donkey Kong [P7]

Peach [P8] Note platyable after W8


Mario and Peach are having a boat ride by W1 until the Koopa Clown Cart arrvied with the Koopalings. Iggy touches a red button with a giant claw taking Peach and flew away. Maerio told his friends and chased the car. The Bros. (and Toads) have to go through 9 worlds, each getting harder by the level.  You might can skip the level if you loose at it a few times. This only works with the minor levels. (not including Bowser's Castle nor the boss castles). Even though you might die a few times, (or alot) you will get a special power-up. (Like the golden raccoon in Super Mario 3D Land)


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