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Here are the enemies in the game.

Goomba: a weak and easy ememy to beat.

Para Goomba: a goomba flying on a parashoot.

Flying Goomba: a winged goomba that attacks by jumping.

Gloomba: a underground goomba, it has more hp.

Spiky Goomba: a goomba with a spike helmet. make leave you paralized!

Hyper Goomba: a crazy green goomba, may try and grab your hp!

Grand Goomba: a giant goomba that it twice the size as a goomba.

Grand flying goomba: a giant flying goomba.

Grand Gloomba: a dark Grand Goomba.

Grand hyper goomba: a hp stiling Grand Goomba.

Koopa Troopa: A Tertle, jump onto it to go into its shell.

Paratroopa: a winged Koopa. has all the same weaknesses as a normal koopa troopa.

Dark Koopa: a underground, more hp perple shelled koopa troopa.

Dark paratroopa : a winged, more hp dark koopa.

Kp Koopa Troopa: a Yellow Shelled Koopa Troopa.

Kp Paratroopa: a winged kp koopa.

Shady Koopa Troopa: a Light blue Koopa Troopa that gets up when attacked!

Shady Paratroopa: a flying shady koopa.


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