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Stamp Level
Mario Stamp N/A
Luigi Stamp N/A
Peach Stamp N/A
Blue Toad Stamp N/A

World 1: Yoshi's New Island

Stamp Level
Yoshi Stamp Yoshi's New Island-1
Monty Mole Stamp Yoshi's New Island-2
Super Kibble Stamp Yoshi's New Island-3
Dry Bone Stamp Yoshi's New Island-FortressMBR
Dolphin Stamp Yoshi's New Island-4
Wings Stamp Yoshi's New Island-5
Chargin' Chuck Stamp Yoshi's New Island-6
Iggy Koopa Stamp Yoshi's New Island-CastleMBR
Galoomba Stamp Yoshi's New Island-Secret

World 2: Chocolate Wasteland

Stamp Level
Cape Feather Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-1
Sphinx Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-2
Coin Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-3
Bony Beetle Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-FortressMBR
Pokey Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-4
Albatoss Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-5
Koopa Troopa Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-6
Angry Sun Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-7
Roy Koopa Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-CastleMBR
Block Impostor Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-Secret 1
Cobrat Stamp Chocolate Wasteland-Secret 2

World A: Yin-Yang Plateau

Stamp Level
Oriental Rex Stamp Yin-Yang Plateau-1
Bamboo Can Stamp Yin-Yang Plateau-2
Oriental Dragoneel Stamp Yin-Yang Plateau-3
Golden Galoomba Stamp Yin-Yang Plateau-4

World 3: Orangina Seaside

Stamp Level
Frog Mario Stamp Orangina Seaside-1
Exploding Coconut Stamp Orangina Seaside-2
Rip Van Fish Stamp Orangina Seaside-3
Fish Bone Stamp Orangina Seaside-GhostHouseMBR
Floating Platform Stamp Orangina Seaside-FortressMBR
Spiny Stamp Orangina Seaside-4
Huckit Crab Stamp Orangina Seaside-5
Boss Bass Stamp Orangina Seaside-6
Wendy O. Koopa Stamp Orangina Seaside-CastleMBR
Torpedo Ted Stamp Orangina Seaside-Secret 1
Jelectro Stamp Orangina Seaside-Secret 2

World 4: Popsicle Glacier

Stamp Level
Snow Pokey Stamp Popsicle Glacier-1
Fliprus Stamp Popsicle Glacier-2
Buster Beetle Stamp Popsicle Glacier-3
Bumpty Stamp Popsicle Glacier-4
Blue Podoboo Stamp Popsicle Glacier-FortressMBR
Fire Chomp Stamp Popsicle Glacier-5
Eerie Stamp Popsicle Glacier-GhostHouseMBR
Whale Stamp Popsicle Glacier-6
Angry Moon Stamp Popsicle Glacier-7
Ludwig Von Koopa Stamp Popsicle Glacier-CastleMBR
Spike Stamp Popsicle Glacier-Secret 1
Banzai Bill Stamp Popsicle Glacier-Secret 2

World B: Musical Park

Stamp Level
Jumpote Stamp Musical Valley-1
Sledge Bro Stamp Musical Valley-2
Giant Drum Stamp Musical Valley-3
Trumpad Stamp Musical Valley-4

World 5: Honey Forest

Stamp Level
Stingby Stamp Honey Forest-1
Bob-Omb in Bubble Stamp Honey Forest-2
Bramball Stamp Honey Forest-3
Jumping Cheep-Cheeps Stamp Honey Forest-4
Chain Stamp Honey Forest-FortressMBR
Scuttlebug Stamp Honey Forest-GhostHouseMBR
Wiggler Stamp Honey Forest-5
Fireflamp Stamp Honey Forest-6
Mushroom Stamp Honey Forest-7
Chain Chomp Stamp Honey Forest-8
Fuzzy Stamp Honey Forest-9
Morton Koopa Jr. Stamp Honey Forest-CastleMBR
Trunk Stamp Honey Forest-Secret 1
Pipe Lakitu Stamp Honey Forest-Secret 2

World 6: Sugary Canyon

Stamp Level
Cake Stamp Sugary Canyon-1
Buzzy Beetle Stamp Sugary Canyon-2
Sweet Stamp Sugary Canyon-3
Dino Rhino Stamp Sugary Canyon-4
Spike Ball Stamp Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1
Soda Bottle Stamp Sugary Canyon-5
Lollypop Stamp Sugary Canyon-6
Yoshi's Cookie Stamp Sugary Canyon-7
Ninji Stamp Sugary Canyon-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2
Puddy Stamp Sugary Canyon-8
Bittermint Stamp Sugary Canyon-9
Lemmy Koopa Stamp Sugary Canyon-CastleMBR
Targeting Bullett Bill Stamp Sugary Canyon-Secret 1
Pot Stamp Sugary Canyon-SecretGhostHouseMBR

World C: Gear Factory

Stamp Level
Gear Stamp Gear Factory-1
Amp Stamp Gear Factory-2
Bob-Ulk Stamp Gear Factory-3
Mechakoopa Stamp Gear Factory-4

World 7: Cotton Candy Clouds

Stamp Level
Koopa Paratroopa Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-1
Motion Platform Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-2
Cloud Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-3
Donut Block Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-4
Trampoline Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1
Goomba Shoe Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-5
Dandelion Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-6
Fishin' Boo Lakitu Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-GhostHouseMBR
Foo Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-7
Cannon Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2
Super Koopa Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-8
Parabeetle Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-9
Sky Pop Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-10
Larry Koopa Stamp Cotton Candy Clouds-CastleMBR

World 8: Bowser's New Valley

Stamp Level
Rocky Wrench Stamp Bowser's New Valley-1
Podoboo Stamp Bowser's New Valley-2
Raining Debris Stamp Bowser's New Valley-3
Angry Sun & Angry Moon Stamp Bowser's New Valley-4
Toxic Cloud Stamp Bowser's New Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1
Struggling Cheep-Cheep Stamp Bowser's New Valley-5
Skull Raft Stamp Bowser's New Valley-6
Fire Bro. Stamp Bowser's New Valley-7
Kamek Stamp Bowser's New Valley-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress2
Red Banzai Bill Stamp Bowser's New Valley-8
Lava Geyser Stamp Bowser's New Valley-9
Blargg Stamp Bowser's New Valley-10
Koopalings on the Koopa Clown Car Stamp Bowser's New Valley-11
Bowser Stamp Bowser's New Valley-BowsersCastleMBR

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