Here are the enemies!

Sprite Enemy_name Enemy_type Description_of_this_enemy Extra_notes
Goombasprite Goomba Land These little guys just walk forward, they'res really nothing special about them. N/A
Paragoombasprite Paragoomba Aerial These are Goombas with wings. When stomped on they become regular Goombas. N/A
Spikegoomba Spiked Goomba Land Spiked Goombas can't be stomped on because they have those pokey helmets! N/A
Koopacolors Koopa Troopa Land Green ones just walk until they hit a wall. Red ones are smart enough to turn at edges. N/A
Shyguy Shy Guy Land Shy Guys may be cowards, but they're tough. They take two stom N/A
Whompsprite Whomp Castle Now these guys are tough. They are indestructible and try to squash you! Only appear in the castle of World 2.

Whomps are bigger than they're sprite.

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