By AdamGregory03 (tbc).

Playable Characters

AdamGregory03 will announce more characters.

Image Character Description_of_character Special_abilities Unlocked_by
Mariohed Mario The legendary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom has returned for yet another great adventure! He has better brakign than the other characters. N/A
Luigihead Luigi He may be cowardly and maybe a bit clumsy, but hey, he's Mario's brother, and he's in this game! He can jump a little higher than Mario. N/A
Wariohead Wario Yeah, even Mario's very unpopular rival joins in, because he wants his money back! He has the strongest ground pounds. Clear World 3

Non-Playable Characters

Image Character Description_of_character Role_in_the_game
Yoshihead Yoshi Whether he comes in green, red, blue, or yellow, Yoshi's always ready to help out the Mario brothers! He is rideable, he can eat enemies and flutter jump.
Peachhead Princess Peach Ah, the fair damsel, and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Why does she always get kidnapped, though? She has been kidnapped and you must save her.
Bowserhead Bowser The ruthless king in the Koopa Kingdom who kidnaps Peach. What's a Mario game without him? He plays the villain in the game.
Toadhead Toad What would be a Mario game without this guy, either? It's Toad! He owns the Item Shops.
Dkhead Donkey Kong Ladies and gentlemen, put you're big ape hands together for the one, the only, Donkey Kong! He hosts DK's Minigame Mania.


Sprite Character World_boss_is_in Type? Description_of_the_boss
Bjsprite Bowser Jr.

Dry Dunes, Chemical Swamp, and Bowser Land

Airship It's the son of the Koopa King, Bowser Jr.! He's so stubborn, he wants to try three times to beat our heroes? But will he do it?
Larrysprite Larry Koopa Peachy Plains Tower One of Bowser's eight Koopalings, Larry is back and he's brought his Shy Guy friends with him!
Bowsersprite1 Fake Bowser Peachy Plains Castle What? Bowser already? Guess he wanted an early start in beating you!
Royspritea Roy Koopa Dry Dunes Tower It's the bully of the Koopalings, Roy. And if you ask me, it appears he wants to play some dodgeball.
Kingofwhomps King Whomp Dry Dunes Castle Remember this guy from Super Mario 64? Well, he's mighty peeved about you beating him last time! Don't let him flatten you!
Iggysprite Iggy Koopa Haunted Forest Tower It's the mad scientist of the Koopalings, Iggy. You think he's master ghost teleportation?
Peekaboo Peek A. Boo Haunted Forest Castle He's there! No wait, he's here! Ugh, if only he'd stop popping up and down!
Ludwigsprite Ludwig von Koopa Sky-High Sanctuary Tower It's the genious of Bowser's kids, Ludwig! And he's got a few tricks up his sleeve.
Baloontroopa Baloona Troopa Sky-High Sanctuary Castle Looks like this Koopa Troopa got a promotion, look at his sweet hot air balloon! Careful, don't pop it!
Wendyosprite Wendy O. Koopa Blooper Ocean Tower She's sassy, she's bossy, we all know her, she's W
Blooperstatuesprite Blooper Statue Blooper Ocean Castle The likeness is uncanny, isn't it? And with Kamek's magic, it's very life-like.


  • Peachy Plains
  • Dry Dunes
  • Haunted Forest
  • Sky-High Sanctuary
  • Blooper Ocean
  • Chemical Swamp
  • Rock n' Roll Canyon
  • Snowcap Volcano
  • Bowser Land


See here.


Item_Name Effect_on_character
Super Mushroom Turns the character into a super version of them.
Fire Flower Turns the character into a fire version of them.
Ice Flower Turns the character into an ice version of them.
Thorny Mushroom Turns the character into a thorny version of them.
Green Mushroom Gives the character an extra life.

DK's Minigame Mania

Here you can spend coins to play minigames.

  • Banana Bunch
  • Vine Swinger
  • Hopscotch
  • Tick Tack Hammer Bro

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