The petition is to make it real. I might send it Nintendo if I have more than 40 edits. (I highly doubt anyone is going to sign the petition.)

Sign your username under here.

  • Micool26 (tbc) - I made it. So why not?
  • Mariofan45 (tbc) - I love this game. Why not?
  • SonicWiki (tbc) - Maybe
  • Holyromanemperortatan 21:52, November 3, 2010 (UTC)- I have always felt that there should be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine with more levels, and more islands (worlds).
  • Kirbydude4488-This game should be on the 3DS, it should have new levels, free play mode which allows you to go any where on the island and you can do missions instead of levels and play mini-games

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