There was going to be a brown toadette as a NPC but
Brown Toadette

The beta Brown Toadette

was later replaced with Madame Toad. Bitette was going to be called Elubette and Gracette was going to be called Nreegette just like Blue Toad was Yvan and Yellow Toad was Wolley. Mario was going to be the only playable character, but since it was a NSMB game they decided to include Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad as playable characters as well.

Enemies and Bosses

Graffiti Mario was originally going to be called Graffiti Runner and was going to be the main villain but was decided not to because of the similarity to Shadow Mario and was replaced with Shadow Runner.

The logo was different and too similar to the regular Super Mario Sunshine. Therefore we decided to changed it. The second one was not too different except the colors were rearranged. We then decided to make the logo even more original.

E3 2005

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