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New Super Mario Sisters U
Developer(s) Nintendo/Fantendo
Publisher(s) An IP
Genre(s) Fiction
Release Date(s)
July 17, 2014


Maria and Luise were at Mushroom Kingdom celebrating Prince Pete's birthday when all the sudden, 31 airships parked right in front of Peach's Castle. There were 26 airships made for the Koopalings and 2 made for Bowser and Clawdia. The final 3 were made for Kamek, Kammy and Kamella. All of the mighty Koopas shoved Lemmy in the castle because he was the smallest. When everyone sang happy birthday, Luise was passing out the cupcakes. Nobody knew that Lemmy was inside Prince Pete's cupcake. When the prince was about to take a bite out of his cupcake, Lemmy popped out and held onto him. Bowser took Prince Pete away from Mushroom Kingdom and into the eighth world, Lava Pits of Doom. Meanwhile, Maria and Luise were very worried that Prince Pete wouldn't make it. Mario and Luigi were extremely sick so they couldn't rescue him. The only hope left is that Maria and Luise go out together to save Prince Pete.


World 1 - Acorn Fields

World 2 - Beautiful Bay

World 3 - Deserted Dunes

World 4 - Frigid Taverns

World 5 - Jurassic Jungle

World 6 - Rocky Rumble Mountains

World 7 - Marshmellow Clouds

World 8 - Lava Pits of Doom

World 9 - Carnivore Cave

World 10 - The Starry Path

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