This page is a list of Locations in New Super Mario RPG.

Locations in NSMRPG

NOTE: Locations with bolded names have Astro-Shards somewhere in them.

Name Logo Description Any New Characters?
Peach's Castle TBA Peach's Castle is the first location in the entire game. In this castle, you can find a few items and you battle your first boss (Bowser). Yes; Mario and Luigi
Tiny Trail TBA Tiny Trail is a small path surrounded by lots of trees. You battle your first enemies in this small trail. No
Toad Town TBA Toad Town is a lovely town not too far from Peach's Castle. It's where most of the Toads live. Yes; Toad
Grassy Plains TBA Grassy Plains is a large field connected to Piranha Plant Caves, where the Pink Astro-Shard resides. Lemmy Koopa is the boss of this area. No
Piranha Plant Caves TBA Piranha Plant Caves is a cave that's filled with Piranha Plants, hence its name. This is where the Pink Astro-Shard resides. Goomboss is the guardian of the Pink Astro-Shard. No
Daisy Cruiser TBA The Daisy Cruiser is a famous ship owned by Daisy. It's even been raced on before. You need to ride on this ship to get to Delfino Isle and Delfino Beach. No
Delfino Isle TBA Delfino Isle is a relaxing place filled with Piantas and Nokis. It is also famous for its relaxing Delfino Beach. Morton Koopa Jr. is the boss of this area. No
Delfino Beach TBA Delfino Beach is a relaxing beach where many Piantas and Nokis relax. This is where the Blue Astro-Shard resides. Cheepskipper is the guardian of the Blue Astro-Shard. No
Goomba Village TBA The Goomba Village is where nice Goombas relax in peace. The famous Goombario and Goombella reside. No
Desert Hill TBA Desert Hill is a scorching desert filled with enemies like Pokeys and Fire Bros. It is where the mysterious Desert Ruins are. Larry Koopa is the boss of this area. No
Desert Ruins TBA The Desert Ruins are mysterious ruins that hardly anyone knows about. These ruins have very unusual symbols on the walls. This is where the Yellow Astro-Shard resides. Mummipokey is the guardian of the Yellow Astro-Shard. No
Soarin' Skies TBA Soarin' Skies is probably the largest location in the game. It is where Nimbus Land is. This is also where the White Astro-Shard resides. Wendy O. Koopa is the boss of this area, and Lakithunder is the guardian of the White Astro-Shard. Yes; Mallow
Star Road TBA Star Road is where lots of Star Spirits reside. Geno, a Star Spirit that possessed a doll, resides here. This place seems to be in outerspace, but there isn't any way to reconstruct the Omega Crystal here. Yes; Geno
Dinosaur Land TBA After you explore Star Road, you take a Piranha Vine down to Dinosaur Land. Dinosaur Land is a famous area, and is well known for Yoshis being discovered there. This area contains Chocolate Island, home of the Brown Astro-Shard. Iggy Koopa is the boss of this area. No
Chocolate Island TBA Chocolate Island, often called Choco Island, is a rocky area that is in Dinosaur Land. This is where the Brown Astro-Shard resides. The guardian of the Brown Astro-Shard is Major Burrows. No
Luigi Blimp TBA The Luigi Blimp is a minor location owned by Luigi. Its only purpose is to fly the player over the ocean to get to Soda Jungle. No
Soda Jungle TBA Soda Jungle is a forest with water seemingly made out of soda, even though it's poison. It is where the mysterious Jungle Temple (which is where the Green Astro-Shard resides) is. The boss of this area is Roy Koopa. No
Jungle Temple TBA The Jungle Temple is a mysterious temple. It's where the Green Astro-Shard resides. The guardian of the Green Astro-Shard is Mom Piranha. No
Dark Land TBA Dark Land is the home of Bowser. It is where the Red Astro-Shard resides. Many bosses are fought here. They include Ludwig von Koopa (solo), Bowser Jr. (twice), Kamek, all of the Koopalings (seperately, but in the same location), and Bowser. The guardian of the Red Astro-Shard is Midbus. Yes; Peach
Comet Observatory TBA The Comet Observatory is a large place with many features. It is also the home of Rosalina. Here, you can prepare for when you form the Omega Crystal. Yes; Rosalina
Outerspace TBA Outerspace is an extremely large place and is where you accomplish many things. Almost everything you learn here is about the Omega Crystal. No
Omega Chamber TBA The Omega Chamber is a large, confusing chamber and is where the Omega Pedestal is. Here, you can get all of the Astro-Shards and form the Omega Crystal. No

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