New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017.


The story takes place a year after New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom has been foiled and Bowser and his Koopalings are missing. Mario and Peach are relaxing in a summer chair. When suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car and get a metallic claw to steal the princess. Mario get on the Copter and hit it causing Peach to fall off the claw. They all retreat to the airship who reveal a laser cannon that was gping to destroy Mario. Mario gets on the airship and destroyed the cannon. The heavily damaged airship flies away but not before kidnapping Peach. Mario calls Luigi and Toad and ran after the ship.


Character Advantage Disadvantage Get him from
Mario All around Nothing Default
Luigi High jump Worst traction Default
Toad Fastest character Worst jump Default


Character How to get him
Donkey Kong Banana Pack
Sonic Hedgehog pack
Mega Man Blue Bomber Pack


World Name # Description Boss Map Remix of
Mushroom Plains 1 The home of Peach, Toads, and Mario. This grassy land is full of plants and mushrooms. You can test any of the six characters here. Typical enemies like Goombas and Koopas live here. Larry World 1 from 3D World
Hot Dunes 2 A dry, dusty desert that borders Mushroom Plains. The desert is full of ruins and ancient pyramids. Tornadoes and sandstorms are all over the place. Pokeys, Bob-ombs, and Spikes are common here. Wendy Desert Hill from SMB3
Azul Seaside 3 A tropical archipelago with lots of water. On the beach, there's many bridges, coconuts, and water geysers. While underwater, Cheep Cheeps, Urchins, and Bloopers live here. Yoshi-Cheeps (Yoshi and Cheep Cheep hybrids) live here, and they'll help you get to Lemmy's aquatic circus. Lemmy World 3 from 3D Land
Mt. Blizzard 4 This mountain peak contains ice, snow, and icicles. The place used to be a abandoned mountain until Morton's army took over the place. The temperature is so cold, it could freeze the character unless they had a lot of Fire Flowers. At the summit, there's a gorgeous night sky. Cooligans, Ice Bros, and Flipruses live in the glacier. Morton Jr. Ice Land from SMB3
Jungle of Mystery 5 A dark forest/jungle with previous civilization. This jungle is so big, people can't find their way out. The jungle is a colossal maze, so the player has to find the secret exit in a few levels to make it to Iggy's Castle. The jungle contains lots of golden coins, and the rare Golden Flower. The jungle has a orange sunset. Yoshis, Wigglers, Bramballs, Dorries, Boos, and Piranha Plants are common. Iggy Forest of Illusion from SMW.
Stonecrush Canyon 6 A tall, tall mountain that leads to the clouds. This mountain contains a enormous mining industry made by Ludwig. This place is full of falling boulders, and Thwomps, so that's the reason why this is called Stonecrush. The place has many pipes sorta like Pipe Land from Mario 3. The mountain is home to Chain Chomps, Whomps, Stone Spikes, and Porcupuffers. Ludwig World 6 from NSMBW
Sky High Garden 7 A peaceful cloud sanctuary that got took over by Roy's airship armada. The place is connected to the Stonecrush Mountain and Bowser's Fortress. The sky's ground is nothing but clouds and mushrooms. The place has lots of floating islands with ancient ruins. Airships are common in the world. They'll try to stop you to get to Roy's flagship. Lakitus, Bullet Bills, Parabeetles, Paratroopas, and King Bills live here Roy Sky Land from SMB3
Dark Volcano 8 Bowser's flying island. It's where all of Bowser's enemies live. Volcanoes, fire, fortresses, ash, and smog are all around this world. Even though this is where Bowser lives, this is not the final world. Junior takes over his castle while Bowser lives aboard his spaceship. Kamek causes havoc in this world. Bowser Jr Valley of Bowser from Mario World
Koopa Star 9 Bowser's space station. It's where Bowser plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. It has 6 levels. The sixth level is Bowser's colossal castle on top of the station. The place is similar to Death Egg from Sonic and Knuckles. Inside, defenses, cannons, beams, alarms, and lightning is all around the fort. In the final level, you'll have a rematch with the Koopalings and Kamek. After that, you'll have a final showdown with the Koopa King himself... Bowser and Dark Bowser World 8 (Part 2) from 3D Land

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