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New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017.


The story takes place a year after New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom has been foiled and Bowser and his Koopalings are missing. Mario and Peach are relaxing in a summer chair. When suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car and get a metallic claw to steal the princess. Mario get on the Copter and hit it causing Peach to fall off the claw. They all retreat to the airship who reveal a laser cannon that was gping to destroy Mario. Mario gets on the airship and destroyed the cannon. The heavily damaged airship flies away but not before kidnapping Peach. Mario calls Luigi and Toad and ran after the ship.


Character Advantage Disadvantage Get him from
Mario All around Nothing Default
Luigi High jump Worst traction Default
Toad Fastest character Worst jump Default


Character How to get him
Donkey Kong Banana Pack
Sonic Hedgehog pack
Mega Man Blue Bomber Pack

Worlds and Levels

World 1: Peach's Plains

The easiest world in the game. It is a grass themed world with standard enemies. The boss is Larry Koopa.

  • 1-1: Grassy Plains Way
  • 1-2: Crystal Cavern
  • 1-3: Yoshi Meadows
  • 1-Fortess: Nature Tower
  • 1-4: Mushroom Skies
  • 1-5: Cheep Cheep Lakes
  • 1-Castle: Larry's Gear-Roll Castle

World 2: Chocolate Desert

The second world in the game. It is more harder than World 1. It is desert themed. The boss is Morton Koopa Jr.

  • 2-1: Sandspout Ruins
  • 2-2: Stone Eye Sands
  • 2-3: Underground Ruins
  • 2-Fortress: Stone Block Tower
  • 2-4: Chain Chomp's Wastelands
  • 2-5: Sandstorm in the Clouds
  • 2-6: Yoshi's Ancient Ruins
  • 2-Desert: Desert Level
  • 2-Castle: Morton's Shifting Castle

World 3: Vanilla Glacier

The third world in the game. It is snow/ice themed. The boss is Lemmy Koopa.

  • 3-1: Frozen Forest
  • 3-2: Cooligan Cavern
  • 3-Ghost: Boo's Frozen Mansion
  • 3-Fortress: Elevator Tower
  • 3-3: The Frozen Lake
  • 3-4: Above the Starry Skies
  • 3-5: Snowstorm at the Glacier
  • 3-Castle: Lemmy's Frozen Castle

World 4: Cola Coast

The fourth world in the game. It is beach/water world. The boss is Wendy O Koopa.

  • 4-1: Cheep Cheep Bay
  • 4-2: Blooper Beach
  • 4-3: Huckit Crab Sandcastle
  • 4-Ghost: Haunted Shipwreck
  • 4-Fortress: Spike Pillar Fortress
  • 4-4: Fruity Falls
  • 4-5: Yoshi's Forest
  • 4-Castle: Wendy's Underwater Castle

World 5: Root Beer Jungle

The fifth world of the game. it is jungle themed with a few factory elements. The boss is Iggy Koopa

  • 5-1: King-Sized Jungle
  • 5-2: Poison Hop
  • 5-3: Wiggler's Woods
  • 5-4: Treetop Hop
  • 5-Fortress: Timber Tower
  • 5-Ghost: Maze in the Mansion
  • 5-5: Fruity Factory
  • 5-6: Manta Raid
  • 5-7: Jungle Clearing
  • 5-Castle: Iggy's Temple Castle

World 6: Cookie Canyon

The sixth world of the game. It is a mountain themed world with sky elements. The boss is Roy Koopa

  • 6-1: Bullet Bill Cliffside
  • 6-2: Hammer Bro. Mine
  • 6-3: Monty Mole's Canyon
  • 6-4: Yoshi's Cookies
  • 6-Fortress: Mining Network Fortress
  • 6-5: Porcupuffer Peaks
  • 6-6: Lakitu's Clifftop
  • 6-7: Boulder Bash
  • 6-Castle: Roy's Molten Castle

World 7: Cotton Candy Clouds

The seventh world in the game. It is sky themed. The boss is Ludwig von Koopa.

  • 7-1: Beanstalk Ascent
  • 7-2: Foggy Canyon
  • 7-3: Mushroom Casino
  • 7-Ghost: Elevator Mansion
  • 7-4: Chain Chomp Clouds
  • 7-Fortress: Weather Tower
  • 7-5: Thunder Bridge
  • 7-6: Parabeetle Parade
  • 7-7: Snake Block Sunset
  • 7-Castle: Ludwig's Electric Castle

World 8: Bowser's Volcano

The final world of the game. It is volcano/city themed. Bowser Jr., Kamek and Bowser are the bosses of this world

  • 8-1: Entrance to Bowser's Kingdom
  • 8-2: ERUPTION!!!
  • 8-3: Bowser's Tanks
  • 8-Airship: Bowser's Air Fleet
  • 8-4: Neon Bowser City
  • 8-Fortress: Magic Tower
  • 8-5: Bowser's Carnival
  • 8-6: Bonecoaster Bonanza
  • 8-7: Volcano Caves
  • 8-8: Master's Road
  • 8-Bowser: The Final Fight

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