New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017.



The story takes place a year after New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom has been foiled and Bowser and his Koopalings are missing. Mario and Peach are relaxing in a summer chair. When suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car and get a metallic claw to steal the princess. Mario get on the Copter and hit it causing Peach to fall off the claw. They all retreat to the airship who reveal a laser cannon that was gping to destroy Mario. Mario gets on the airship and destroyed the cannon. The heavily damaged airship flies away but not before kidnapping Peach. Mario calls Luigi and Toad and ran after the ship. However, they realize that World 1 has been infested by Goombas and Koopas. So, they begin their quest.

Leafy Green-Hill

The trio begins their quest in Leafy-Green Hill, a grassland full of slanted mountains, and hills. There's also a lot of trees, and bushes in this world that grow Mushrooms. After crossing a plains, and a cavern, they find a Yoshi, who been trapped in an egg, by the sneaky Larry Koopa. They arrive at one of Bowser's bases around here, where they find Larry, enraged that they arrived, the Koopaling calls on his top minion, an large, purple Waddlewing with a crown that goes by the name Waddleking. Despite being one of Bowser's elite, Waddleking was easily defeated in battle. Then, the team go across more levels meeting up with familiar foes on the way, and even fighting a green Lakitu from the Beanbean Kingdom. They finally arrive at Larry's castle, which is inhabited by Goombas. After finding Larry in the throne room, the four engage in battle. Larry had new attacks, like calling towers of Goombas. However, Larry was beaten. Larry then retreats in his airship and crash-landed into a lake. With one world down, the heroes go to the second land, a bone-dry canyon.

Vicious Valley

The second world is a rocky canyon with sand

Cola Creek

Berry Beach

Marshmallow Mountain

Candy Cloudtop

Rumble-Quake Volcano

Spookstorm Cavern


The Finale


Character Advantage Disadvantage Get him from
Mario All around Nothing Default
Luigi High jump Worst traction Default
Toad Fastest character Worst jump Default


Character How to get him
Donkey Kong Banana Pack
Sonic Hedgehog pack
Mega Man Blue Bomber Pack


World Name Theme Bosses
World 1 Leafy Green Hill Grassland Theme Waddleking (World 1-Fortress) Larry Koopa (World 1-Castle) Lakipea (World 1-EC)
World 2 Vicious Valley Desert Theme Demon Bones

(World 2-Fortress)

Roy Koopa

(World 2-Castle)

Limbo Bro.

(World 2-EC)

World 3 Cola Creek Jungle Theme Petey Piranha

(World 3-Fortress)

Iggy Koopa

(World 3-Castle)


(World 3-EC)

World 4 Berry Beach Beach Theme Gooper Blooper

(World 4-Fortress)

Wendy Koopa

(World 4-Castle)


(World 4-EC)

World 5 Marshmallow Mountain Mountain/Snow Theme Boss Sumo Bro.

(World 5-Fortress)

Ludwig Koopa (World 5-Castle) Buster Beetle

(World 5-EC)

World 6 Candy Cloudtop Sky Theme Giga Lakitu

(World 6-Fortress)

Lemmy Koopa

(World 6-Castle)

Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.

(World 6-EC)

World 7 Rumble-Quake Volcano Volcano Theme Podoboss

(World 7-Fortress)

Morton Koopa

(World 7-Castle)

Gunner Guy

(World 7-EC)

World 8 Spookstorm Cavern Cave/Haunted Theme Boohemoth

(World 8-Fortress)

Bowser Jr.

(World 8-Castle


(World 8-EC)

World 9 Bowserland Space/City Theme Kamek

(World 9-Fortress)


(World 9-Bowser)

Mechakoopa (World 9-EC)


Leafy Green Hill

Vicious Valley

Cola Creek

Berry Beach

Marshmallow Mountain

Candy Cloudtop

Rumble-Quake Volcano

Spookstorm Cavern



Picture Name Description
Waddleking An enlarged Waddlewing. It will glide around the arena throwing Poison Mushrooms. Jump jump on its head three times.
250px-Larry Koopa 3D
Larry Koopa The first Koopaling boss in the game. It takes place in a room with no hazards. Larry will be on a three-stack Goomba tower shooting orange projectiles, while Koopas will be walking out of pipes. Hit a Koopa and throw it at the tower (or jump on his head). It will leave Larry on his back trying to get up. He shell-spin is the slowest in the game. After two hits, Larry makes the tower twice as tall and, the room gets smaller, as the walls move.
ACL MK8 Red Dry Bones
Demon Bones
Roy O. Koopa
Roy Koopa
Petey Pirana
Petey Piranha
Iggy P. Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Gooper Blooper Super Mario Crystalline World
Gooper Blooper
20100822042716!Wendy NSMBWii
Wendy O. Koopa
King Sumo Bro.
Boss Sumo Bro.
Ludwig von Koopa
Lakitu King
Giga Lakitu
500px-Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Podoboss SMW3D
555px-Morton Koopa Jr 3D
Morton Koopa Jr.
Boohemoth Solo
250px-Bowser Jr. SSB4
Bowser Jr.
1186px-Bowser HUGE
Bowser koopa clown car
Bowser (Phase #2)
Smash bros brawl dark bowser by segtend0-d5uz3ur
Dark Bowser (Phase 3)

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