New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017.


The story takes place a year after New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom has been foiled and Bowser and his Koopalings are missing. Mario and Peach are relaxing in a summer chair. When suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car and get a metallic claw to steal the princess. Mario get on the Copter and hit it causing Peach to fall off the claw. They all retreat to the airship who reveal a laser cannon that was gping to destroy Mario. Mario gets on the airship and destroyed the cannon. The heavily damaged airship flies away but not before kidnapping Peach. Mario calls Luigi and Toad and ran after the ship. However, they realize that World 1 has been infested by Goombas and Koopas. So, they begin their quest


Character Advantage Disadvantage Get him from
Mario All around Nothing Default
Luigi High jump Worst traction Default
Toad Fastest character Worst jump Default
Yellow Toad Best traction Look at Toad Complete World 1
Daisy Floats in the air Slowest Complete World 2


Character How to get him
Donkey Kong Banana Pack
Sonic Hedgehog pack
Mega Man Blue Bomber Pack


World 1: Goomba's Garden

One of the safest places in the Mushroom Kingdom, to hide from the nefarious Bowser's army. However, basic enemies like Goombas infested the place. It's one of the easiest and shortest world in the game.

Power-Ups: Mushroom, Green Yoshi, Fire Flower, Super Acorn.

  • W1-1: Back to Basics
  • W1-2: Crystal Cavern
  • W1-3: Goombrat's Trees
  • W1-Tower: Stone-Smash Tower
  • W1-4: Piranha's Bush
  • W1-5: Cheep-Cheep's Lake
  • W1-6: Rex's Gorge
  • W1-Castle: Goomba's Fortress
  • W1-Airship: Lemmy's Musty Airship
  • W1-A: Shy Guy's Night Dash

World 2: Sunshine Sands

The second and desert themed world with Egyptian-themed sceneries. This world features living statues, and very rare enemies. Angry Sun returns in this world.

Power-Ups: Yellow Yoshi, Ice Flower, Cape Feather, Boomerang Flower

  • W2-1: Feathery Dunes
  • W2-2: Spike's Sands
  • W2-3: Boomerang Dungeon
  • W2-4: Sandshroom Heights
  • W2-Tower: Sandfall Tower
  • W2-5: Pokey Pass
  • W2-6: Bandit's Blocks
  • W2-7: Angry Sun's Attack
  • W2-Castle: Perplexing Pyramid
  • W2-Airship: Roy's Flame-Bar Airship
  • W2-A: Bonecoaster Catacombs


Image Name Location Description
576px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art
Boom Boom Goomba's Garden-Tower The mid-boss of Goomba's Garden. He's a Koopa Troopa powered by Kamek. His only method of attack is running at you. Jump on his head three times to defeat him.
Goomboss Goomba's Garden-Castle The castle boss of Goomba's Garden. He's similar to Mega Goomba, but he's small enough for Mario to jump over him. He runs around summoning Galoombas. Throw the Galoombas back at him three times.
500px-Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa Goomba's Garden-Airship The boss of Goomba's Garden. He will be bouncing on his circus ball, summoning seeds from his wand. The seeds will grow into flowers that attack with their pedals. Jump on his head three times to complete the first world.
Torkscrew Sunshine Sands-Tower Sunshine Sands' mid-boss. He drills into the ground with his horn. Once Torkscrew is out of the ground, he will charge at you. When he's at a wall, his horn will get stuck. This is the only chance to hit him.
SMBDIY Mummipokey
Mummipokey Sunshine Sands-Castle Sunshine Sands' castle boss. He acts just like he was in NSMB. Only he's a little quicker, and he can summon green Pokeys. Hit his head three times.
Roy Koopa SM3DEC
Roy Koopa Sunshine Sands-Airship The boss of World 2. Roy will use his wand to create Bullet Bills, (Missile Bills, after one hit, and Banzai Bills after two hits) and jump between the sand geysers that erupt in the battlefield. When Roy spins in his shell, he will jump, creating a shockwave that can stun the player.

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