New Super Mario Bros. NX is a Nintendo NX game that's coming in summer 2017.



The story takes place a year after New Super Mario Bros. U. Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom has been foiled and Bowser and his Koopalings are missing. Mario and Peach are relaxing in a summer chair. When suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appear in the Koopa Clown Car with a bottle of Sprixie Princesses. Bowser Jr. presses a button and reveals a metallic claw to kidnap Peach. Mario get on the Copter and hit it causing Peach to fall off the claw. They all retreat to the airship who reveal a laser cannon that was going to destroy Mario. Mario gets on the airship and destroyed the cannon. The heavily damaged airship flies away through a portal to the Sprixie Island (from Super Mario 3D World) but not before kidnapping Peach. Mario calls Luigi and Toad and ran through the portal. However, they realize that World 1 has been infested by Goombas and Koopas. So, they begin their quest.


Character Advantage Disadvantage Get him from
Mario All around Nothing Default
Luigi High jump Worst traction Default
Toad Fastest character Worst jump Default


Character How to get him
Donkey Kong Banana Pack
Sonic Hedgehog pack
Mega Man Blue Bomber Pack

Sprixie Princesses

They will help you out by running shops that border each world