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New Super Mario Maker is the third franchise from the Mario Maker Series. It is playable on the Wii U and 3DS


Style Photo Game
Super Mario Bros (8 bit and 16 bit)
Ay no
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/All Nigth Nippon Super Mario
Super Mario Bros. Special
Super Mario Bros 2 Map

Super Mario Bros. 2 Map

Super Mario Bros 2
230px-Chai Kingdom Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land
01 supermariobros3
Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario World
Super Mario World
New Super Mario Bros 
New Super Mario Bros Wii
New Super Mario Bros 2
World 1-1 NSMBU
New Super Mario Bros U

New Features

  • Costume Mushroom can be used in all game styles
  • Goomba, Yellow Toad and Blue Toad is added to the non amiibo costumes
  • You can now use music settings to change the background music
  • New Backgrounds Added: Desert, Snow, Forest, Volcano, Sky, Athletic, Beach/Isle
  • You can now create scenarios with the levels
  • You can now place water in land levels
  • You can either choose you lose your power-up while in a amiibo costume or you can lose your amiibo costume if hit by enemy
  • You can now place all tiles from the traditional background level to one level
  • You can now play as your Mii
  • SMB2, SML, NSMB, NSMBW and NSMB2 is added to the styles
  • Power-Ups added: Propeller Mushroom, Penguin Costume, Ice Flower, Squirrel Mario, Raccoon Mario, Takooni Mario, P-Acorn Mario, Giant Mushroom, Frog Costume and Hammer Costume
  • You can now play Multiplayer in Local (3DS Via Download Play, Wii U needs an Wii Remote) and Worldwide


  • This is the third sequel from the Super Mario Maker Franchise

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