New Super Mario Land is a 3D sidescrolling Mario platformer made by Pixl Studios for Nintendo DS. It is to Super Mario Land as New Super Mario Bros. is to Super Mario Bros.; it features new enemies, new bosses, new levels and an updated version of the original storyline.


Mario and Princess Peach are on a vacation and are walking through Sarasaland when suddenly the sky turns dark, and Tatanga and Bowser fly down in his evil clown car and grab Peach. Mario runs after them, but the clown car flies up past Mario's jumping height. Mario then sets out across Sarasaland to defeat Tatanga and Bowser and rescue Peach.

After defeating Tatanga and Bowser at the ends of World 1 and 2, Mario discovers that it was all just part of Wart's plan to take over Sarasaland for himself. Mario sets out across six more worlds to defeat Wart and rescue Princess Peach.


  • Mushroom - Turns you into Super Mario
  • Fire Flower - Lets you shoot fireballs
  • Ice Flower - Lets you shoot ice balls
  • Superball Flower - Lets you shoot black globs that bounce off objects and hit enemies
  • Propeller Mushroom - Lets you fly in the air
  • Phoenix Suit - Lets you shoot fireballs and fly
  • Penguin Suit - Lets you shoot ice balls and slide
  • Star - Makes you temporarilly invincible
  • Mega Mushroom - Makes you temporarilly gigantic
  • Mini Mushroom - Makes you tiny


World Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss
Sarasaland Hammer Bros. Tatanga -none-
Beach Island BowserBot Bowser Jr. Bowser
Stone City Boom Boom Mega Thwomp -none-
Ice Valley Ice Bros. Super Ice Bro. -none-
Dark Forest Flame Piranha Petey Piranha -none-
Sky Land Pipe Lakitu Lakitu Bros. -none-
Volcano World Fire Bros. Wart Jr. Wart Jr. (clown car)
Subcon 2 WartBot 2.0 Wart Wart (clown car)

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