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New Super Mario Heroes U is a game that involves new kingdoms. Mallow makes its first appearance to a 2D game. It will be available for the Wii U on May 2014.


  • Mallow visits to the mushroom kingdom in time to find out that the Princess has been kidnapped. They ran off to get her.



  • Mario - Normal.
  • Luigi - Jump higher and floats down slow.
  • Blue Toad - Runs the fastest.
  • Mallow - Jumps higher and Floats up for 3 Seconds. When Mallow has his Propeller suit, he flies higher.


  • Green Yoshi
  • Magneta Yoshi - Floats in the air.
  • Blue Yoshi - Blow bubbles.
  • Yellow Yoshi - Shines
  • Red Yoshi - speeds up.
  • Orange Yoshi - Spits out poison balls at enemies.
  • Mini Kart - only available in W6 and W9.


  • Other Toads
  • Princess Peach





  • W1: Lemmy Koopa
  • W2: Wendy O. Koopa
  • W3: Morton Koopa Jr
  • W4: Larry Koopa
  • W5: Iggy Koopa
  • W6: Roy Koopa
  • W7: Ludwig Von Koopa
  • W8: Bowser


  • 1. Mushroom Kingdom
  • 2. Freezing Kingdom
  • 3. Mummipokey's Desert
  • 4. Cheep's World
  • 5. Kong's Jungle
  • 6. Kart Track
  • 7. Dino Land
  • 8. Koopa's Kingdom
  • 9. Star Challenge


  • 1. Ghostly Graveyard
  • Levels: 7
  • Tower Boss: Big Boo
  • Castle Boss: King Boo
  • Airship Boss: Boohemoth
  • 2. Underground Express
  • Levels: 6
  • Caboose Castle Boss: Koopa Kid
  • Train Boss: Kammy Koopa


  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Tanooki Leaf (Post-game)
  • Ice Flower (Post-game)
  • Frog Suit (Same as Penguin Suit)
  • Cape Feather
  • Acorn
  • Barrel Suit (Same as Blue Shell)


  • Bee Mushroom - Flies high and throw honey balls at enemies to freeze them. They could be able to Throw them.
  • Volt Shroom - Has a yellow cape and throws lightning balls to knock most of the enemies.



  • Koopa Kid and Dino Piranha makes there first Mario 2D appearance.


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