New Super Mario Galaxy 3D
SMG3D Final Logo
Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Letters
Publisher(s) Fantasy Factory Letters
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
October 2012
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Platforming, Adventure
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card

New Super Mario Galaxy 3D is the newest installment in the Mario series, being the sequel to the successful Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario 64 3D. Since it's a direct sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2, it features many elements from the Galaxy installments. Mario is in space again, so the gravity effects return, as well as objects like Launch Stars, Life Mushrooms and Star Bits. It also features Lumas and several bosses from the past installments return. Of course there are also new elements, characters, power-ups, bosses, and galaxies. The game marks 8 worlds, including a bonus world, and it is confirmed it will have over 60 galaxies. The game is for the Nintendo 3DS and it is in development by Fantasy Factory.


The game plays similair to its predecessors. Gravity effects return, as well as familair objects like Launch Stars, Star Bits, and also many power-ups from the series return. However, since the game is for the Nintendo 3DS, the Touch Screen can be used to aim at enemies (while holding a shell or another object which can be thrown), or to activate a Launch/Sling Star. The move Star Spin also reappears, but to use it, the player has to press the L button on their 3DS, instead of shaking the system. The Life System from past Galaxy games also reappears, with the Life Meter instead of power-ups.

The strategy Bowser uses in his battles has also been changed. However, it's still quite similair to the game's predecessors; Bowser (which is normal sized and not giant) attacks from his Clown Car by trowing several minions on the little planet where Mario is. From Goombas to Cosmic Clones, it's always a surprise what you'll get. Right after that, Bowser will jump out of his Clown Car on the planet, trying to crush Mario with his powerful jumps. Mario must hit Bowser with a Green Shell (which appears on the planet after defeating all minions) and then hit him with a Star Spin to toll Bowser in his Shell. Bowser will get dizzy, and that's the chance for Mario to hurt him with a well performed Star Spin. After done so 3 times, Bowser is beaten. Of course, Bowser will get stronger when you proceed in the game, adding some elements like firebreath or dark magic. However, the final battle is completely different from the other Bowser Battles.


3DS A Button A Button Shoot (while powered-up)
3DS B Button B Button Jump
3DS X Button X Button 1st person View
3DS Y Button Y Button Reset Camera
3DS R Button R Button Duck
3DS L Button L Button Star Spin
3DS R Button 3DS B Button R + B Button Backward Somersault
3DS R Button 3DS B ButtonCirclepad R + B + Circle Pad Long Jump
3DS B Button 3DS R Button B + R Button Groud Pound
3DS D-Pad Control Pad Move Camera
Circlepad Circle Pad Move
3DS Select Button Select Button Change Settings
3DS Start Button Start Button Pause the game
DS Stylus Stylus Shoot Object/Star Bit


The playable/rideable characters in the game are called Heroes in the manual. 2 of the playables have to be unlocked, and only one is default. All heroes are different to control, but the differences aren't as much as previous installment.


Image Character Description Unlock Method
SMG3D Mario Mario It's a me, Mario! Mario is the main hero of the game, being balanced in all categories. Na/N
SMG3D Luigi Luigi Luigi helps his bro. once again to collect the Power Stars and restore the universe. Luigi is faster than Mario and has higher jumps.

Get 60 Power Stars and beat Bowser

SMG3D Wario Wario Wario, Mario's arch-rival, joins the bros. once again. After being saved, how could he say no? Wario is a secret character with bad speed and jumps, but massive power.

Get 120 Power Stars and unlock the Bonus World, then find him in Bob-Omb Blastoff Galaxy


Image Character Description Ability
YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi Yoshi helps the bros. again by let them ride on his back. He is rideable after breaking a Yoshi Egg, which does not appear in every galaxy. Yoshi can Flutter Jump, eat enemies with his tongue and change them into eggs and shoot them to kill even more enemies. Yoshi also has his own power-ups.


Once again, Mario and co. can use power-ups. Many power-ups return, as well as brand-new ones. All Flowers are for a limited amount of time, however, but with a Mushroom power-up, Mario turns back to normal after hitting an enemy, or in some cases water/light.

Item Form Ability
BeeMushroomBee Mushroom Full Bee Mario SMGBee Mario Bee Mario can fly a bit. When a special meter for this is empty, he cannot fly anymore until he touches the ground. Bee Mario can also stand on flowers and climb on honey. However, when touching water, Bee Mario will turn back to normal.
Fire Flower NSMB2Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire MarioFire Mario Fire Mario can shoot fireballs to kill enemies from far easily. However, he has a weaker Star Spin, since it replaces the Star Spin.
BooMushBoo Mushroom BooMarioBoo Mario Boo Mario can float in the air and he can go through various walls. He won't be attacked by Boos either. However, he transforms back after hitting light.

Ice Flower2 Ice Flower

FrozenMarioFrozen Mario Frozen Mario can walk or skate over water by creating ice platforms. He is also able to shoot iceballs, but these are very weak and break immediately after hitting the ground, unlike fireballs.
RockMushroomSMERock Mushroom RockMarioRock Mario After performing a Star Spin, Mario transforms into a rock, which will roll at high speed and crushes enemies. It can also be used to break hard objects. However, in normal form, the suit slows him down. Unlike other Mushrooms, Mario only loses this suit after hitting an enemy.
Vitamin FlowerVitamin Flower NSMB2 Dr MarioDr. Mario Dr. Mario can shoot Megavitamins, which are upgraded versions of fireballs. Similair to Gold Balls, they can break Brick Blocks, but also various walls to reach hidden passages.

Bowlo Mushroom

Ball MarioBowlo Mario Mario will transform into a rubber ball, similair to the Rock Mushroom. The player can control Mario using the Touch Screen. It will go as twice as fast as Rock Mario, but is less powerful and harder to control. It must be used in some minigames or to reach places even Rock Mario can't reach. He transforms back after hitting ice or water.
SuperMushroomSuper Mushroom SMG3D Mushroom MarioMushroom Mario Mushroom Mario can create 3 bouncy Mushroom Trampolines (bouncy platforms) to hop to hard to reach places easily. After used, he must get another Super Mushroom to get 3 Trampolines again.


There are two kinds of bosses in the game. The first one is the Super Bosses. These bosses are fought in castles or fortresses.

Super Bosses

Boss Fought in Strategy
BoomBoomBamBamBoom Boom & Pom Pom Fortresses

Boom Boom and Pom Pom use the same strategy as in Super Mario 3D Land; Boom Boom uses hs Tornado Twist and Pom Pom uses her Pommerangs. Mario has to jump on both 3 times to defeat them. In later fortresses, the duo will get more skilled, and moves like the Lava Spin and Giga Pommerang are added to their movesets.

Shadow Mario1Shadow Mario World 1 Castle Shadow Mario uses Mecha Bowser as his main weapon. Mario has to climb to the top of him and hit the switch to let him explode, while various Bullet Bills are trying to attack him. After done so, Mecha owser will explode, but Shadow Mario flees. Mario has to use F.L.U.D.D. to hurt him and finally beat him.
Bowser NSMBWBowser World 2 Castle Bowser throws various minions on the little planet where Mario is. Then he jumps out of his Clown Car, trying to stomp Mario various times. Mario has to defeat all minions to make a Green Shell appear, and hit Bowser with it. Then, Mario has to use his Star Spin at Bowser to make him toll in his shell. When done 3 times, Bowser will be beaten.
Shadow Mario 2Shadow Mario World 3 Castle

Shadow Mario uses another of his toys: The Mega B.Bot 2100. Like in his previous battle, Mario has to climb to the top of the machine again, but now with much harder obstacles and more enemies. The planet will turn into lava once Mario enters the machine, meaning he will die when he falls off. After arriving at the top, Mario will face off against Shadow Mario. He uses his Paint Brush, and the paint is made out of poison which will hurt Mario. Mario needs to get the Bullet Bills hit Shadow Mario 3 times to defeat him. After defeated, he will reveil his true form: Bowser Jr.

BowzerPartyDSBowser World 4 Castle Bowser uses the same strategy as in his previous battle, but now he can use Dark Magic Spins and he can breath fire at Mario. He will also use more and stronger minions. Green Shells don't appear anymore, but instead, Mario has to use the Bowlo Mushroom to hit Bowser.
Bowser Jr9Bowser Jr. World 5 Castle Bowser Jr. takes care of the airships. He has the ability to clone his airship to confuse Mario. Mario has to enter an airship, which is full of obstacles. If he entered the right one, he'll face off against Jr. himself. If Mario entered a wrong one, he is shot out of the airship. Bowser Jr. still has the ability to clone himself and he uses his Paintbrush like Shadow Mario did, and he can toll in his shell. Mario has to hit him with Shells 3 times.
Bowser222Bowser World 6 Castle

Mini Bosses

The second kind of bosses is the Mini Bosses. These bosses are fought in normal galaxies only once and are new to the series.

Boss Fought in Strategy
Boxin' BubbaBoxin' Bubba Boxin' Bubba of course uses her fists to hurt Mario. She spins around with her arms similar to Boom Boom, but much more powerful. Mario has to use his Star Spin to knock her down 3 times, but that isn't easy, since she's moving pretty fast.

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