New Super Mario Brothers 3-D is a game for the Nintendo 3DS


Name Image Description
Red Mushroom Recovers a portion of Mario's current health bar
Blue Mushroom Shrinks Mario to size. Gravity doesn't listen to Mini Mario, and you can't reach Worlds 4 and 7 without it
Green Mushroom Gives Mario one extra life
Yellow Mushroom Mega Mario smashes multiple obstacles, and gives you extra lives for defeating enemies
Red Flower Gives Mario a new health bar. With this health bar, he can shoot bouncy fireballs
Green Flower Gives Mario a new health bar. With this health bar, he can toss lightning bolts
Blue Flower

Gives Mario a new health bar. With this health bar, he can throw icy boomerangs

Gold Star Temporary invincibility to enemies and most boss attacks, though touching a boss will still hurt
Red Shell Makes sliding and running easy, but removes any flower powers
Blue Shell Winged, spiky blue shells allow Mario to fly


Name Music Image World Attacks
Bowser Bowser Jr. Boss Theme (New Super Mario Brothers) 1-8 Bowser attacks by flying about and running along the ground
Bowser Puppet " 4-8 This guy will flatten if you try to attack him while running and he can throw shells
Dry Bowser " 8 Dry Bowser is able to launch bombs, fireballs, ink and shells with a wave of his wand, and is the only boss who can avoid the player's attacks
Rose Lord Bowser King Dedede Boss Theme (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland) 8 This guy jumps high into the air, dropping cutters or icy arrows from there. He may also make a giant beam or suck random enemies into his mouth before spitting them all out at you
Goomboss Boss Theme Medley (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) 1-8 Goomboss breathes fire and jumps into the air, always guarding the button behind him
Mummipokey " 2-8 This boss burrows through the ground, throwing rocks at Mario to put him off
Cheep Cheep Army " 3-8 Queen Cheep Cheep may attack herself, or command Cheepskipper and three other miniature Cheep Cheeps fight for her
Mega Bloocheep " 4-8
Prince Piranha " 5-8

Bowser Bot

" 6-8
Lakituthunder " 7-8
Rose Princess Peach U. N. Owen was Her? Remastered (Random Touhou Game) 8

More coming soon...

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