American Boxart NSMBTCS
Developer(s) Warlockian Industries Inc
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan: Mid 2015
25px-Flag of USA: Christmas 2015
25px-Flag of Europe: Christmas 2015
1-5 player (local)

1-10 player (online)

Age Rating(s)
ERating 3RatingUSK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Media Included Wii U optical Disc (Dual Layered)
New Super Mario Bros: The Cosmic Stars is a Mario game that is made by Warlockian Flames Inc and Hammy Games and it plays like any other New Super Mario Brothers game. Though it does feature new items, new levels, new enemies and new bosses to face as well as new gameplay modes to try out with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Five players can play locally with the Wii U gamepad, but Nintendo Wi-Fi allows up to ten players to play on screen at one time!The Back of the game box would most likely give information on the new levels, the new bosses, and some new characters that you can only find when playing the game, so it’s a little more exciting, a little more quirky, a little more creepy, a little more fast paced and it’s a little more NEW!


The story itself can be considered something that many would expect from a typical Mario game, Peach invites Mario, Luigi and the crew around to her castle to celebrate the Mario's first victory against the tyrannical Koopa King, Bowser! But soon enough Bowser crashes the party, and this time he's not alone with even more Koopaling's at his disposal. But before the Mario crew can attack his evilness himself, Bowser reveals what appears to be a scepter made from an odd material, though the crew try to get it out from Bowser's evil clutches, the Koopa King soon uses it's power to teleport Peach's castle up and onto a brand new space station, the Cosmic Fortress! Before Mario can even enter the fortress, the crew are blasted by the fortresses security system and flung back to the Mushroom Plains.
And now, with a new adventure at hand and an even bigger threat than ever before, Mario, Luigi and all their friends have to travel through the Mushroom World and eventually into deep space in order to stop Bowser once and for all...but another evil lurks in the shadow, one who's been watching for a long time and has been planning his revenge for so long... 


This game is like any Super Mario Bros. 2.5D platformer. You can walk, jump, run, crouch, Wall Jump, Ground Pound and use your special power.


  • D-pad Right / Left = Walk
  • D-Pad Down = Crouch
  • 2 = Jump
  • 1 + D-Pad Right / Left = Run
  • 2 while airborne touching a wall = Wall Jump
  • D-Pad Down while airborne = Ground Pound
  • 1 with Item = Special Power

Character Exclusive Controls

  • 2 while airborne = Glide (Amber)
  • 2 whilst jumping = Homing attack (Sonic)
  • 1 while standing = hammer smash (Paper Mario)
  • 2 whilst jumping = tail flight (Tails)
  • 2 whilst jumping = flutter jump (Luigi)


Playable Characters

Picture Name Description
Mario render by xzimxzumx-d63jex4
Mario Our main hero, Mario has starred in almost any job, being a referee, a doctor, a football player and many, many more. Mona from WarioWare pales in job comparison. He always saves Princess Peach from Bowser whenever she is kidnapped

Special Ability: He has the star spin from Mario Galaxy on his side this time, just shake the Wii remote in order to perform it

Luigi U
Luigi For our main man, there is always the plucky brother. Luigi is the second fastest out of the four plumbers, and he is one of the highest jumpers out of the four of them, Though Luigi is cowardly, he still has the courage to take on anything, including ghosts and ghouls in his own mansion. 

Special Ability: The Super Somersault. Luigi can perform the Super Somersault from Super Mario Brothers 2 when being crouched for at least five seconds. 

Wario Mario’s polar opposite, Wario is the greedy, money loving, minigame making scoundrel that we all know and love, being the slowest out of the bunch, Wario is slow and a very low jumper, but his strength makes up for it since he is one of the strongest out of the four main plumbers. 

Special Ability: The Wario Dash. His signature move from the Wario Land games, Wario can smash through blocks that would normally need a power up to smash through, you just need to shake the Wii Remote whilst running in order to smash through enemies and blocks with ease. 

Waluigi Wario’s bomb tossing, money grabbing brother, Waluigi is the fastest out of the plumbers and he is one of higher jumpers, though he may seem dumb, his knowledge on explosives is one of the greatest in the kingdom. Though he is good with bombs, he will do anything he can to cheat, even though he thinks that everyone else cheats against him, get him mad and you’ll regret it 

Special Ability: Bomb toss. An ability that would normally need a Bomber Flower, Waluigi can toss bombs in his regular state by pressing the one button on the Wii remote, he can throw a maximum of two bombs at a time, but he can use it to his advantage when fighting bosses. 

Unlockable Characters

Picture Name Description How to unlock them
MarioPEach Peachiro

This new plumber looks surprisingly like a combination of Mario and Peach, but she seems to act like the two of them combined as well, but luckily the Mario Brothers are accepting of this new female plumber coming on this adventure with them. 

Special Ability: Super Hover. Peach’s special move from SMB2, this time however it can be charged up so she can hover for at least 20 seconds longer than her usual hovering time, just hold the one button in the air to hover. 

She’s unlocked after beating world 1
ToadetteJump Toadette

The Princesses main lackey, Toadette plays similar to Luigi except her traction is quite poor, she does have a considerable amount of speed when it comes to picking up plants and tossing them. 

Special Ability: Quick Toss. She’s faster than anyone else when picking up plants or any other player, and she can throw them farther than anyone else in the game. 

She’s unlocked during the middle of World 3 

A mysterious traveler from another world who has come to the Mushroom Kingdom to gather and return the Cosmic Stars back to their rightful owners, Mario seems to compare Nova to a familiar Pink puffball from Popstar, coincidence or a traveler from Popstar? The world may never know Special Ability:

Cosmic clone creator. Nova uses his magic sword to create cosmic clones of any of the characters on screen, the clones follow Nova like Pikmin and they can be used like Pikmin as well, though they do get killed in one hit, no matter how strong they are. Only three can be used at a time and each one can use the respective abilities of the character that he copied

You must collect all the Cosmic Stars and trade them in at Miyamoto’s music house, play the custom music game after trading in the stars to gain Nova as a character.
MarioPMSS Name: Paper Mario

Seems like Paper Mario has joined the bros in this adventure after appearing from what seemed to be nowhere, but what could you expect, he’s made of paper. Paper Mario has the same stats as Mario but he can jump higher and he is slightly more powerful. 

Special Ability: World flip. Paper Mario can flip the world into 3D at any point in order to find secret paths or items, sometimes Bosses can be beaten in new ways using this move 

Buy him for half your star coins at World 1’s Item store


Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario’s biggest rival has joined him in this adventure, having the fastest speed out of any character that you can buy, Sonic is ready to spin through the worlds at a quick speed, nothing will stop the wind from flowing by him, and if you try then it’s a ball of spikes for you. 

Special Ability:The Super Sonic Boost. Sonic can use the coins he has collected to use the Super Sonic Boost, which allows him to boost through the level at an insane speed, all other players must hang on for dear life as this blue dude with an attitude speeds on through. 

Complete the DLC course World Ring in order to unlock him
Name: Rosalina

The mysterious Queen of the cosmos and the mother of all Lumas, Rosalina returns in her Comet Observatory to help the Mario Brothers in their quest to return the Cosmic Stars, though not armed with her Star Spin, her new ability makes her more practical for many of the puzzles in the game

Special Ability: Luma Summon. Similar to Nova's Cosmic clones, however the lumas that Rosalina summons are able to be guided by using the Wii-U game-pad, they can flick switches and touch blocks as well as spit star bits at enemies, think of them as a secret second player alongside you at all times

Beat the first level of World 9
Name: Amber Koopa A young female Koopa who used to work for the devious Bowser but decided to turn to the good side. She has quite a set of special abilities that may prove useful in the adventure of a lifetimeSpecial Ability:She can lightly glide with her cape and and retreat into her shell to protect from enemy attacks. She can even be kicked when in her shell Buy the Mingler Pack DLC
Name: Miles Tails Prower Sonic's two tailed buddy is taking time off of tinkering with gadgets to help the Mario Brothers in their adventures, though he may not be as fast as Sonic, his two tails allow him to use a very unique abilitySpecial Ability:

Tail helicopter. Tails spins his tails in order to take off like a helicopter, get to new heights you wouldn't normally be able to reach with the Propeller Shroom, and if you press the one button whilst flying you'll be able to drop ring bombs on the foes below

Buy the Mingler Pack DLC
Name: Shadow Clone??? A mysterious entity that is neither in this world or the next, some say he looks like Mario, others say he looks like Luigi, but what we do know is that this guy means business when he's in play.Special Ability:

Form shift. When the Shadow clone is in play, he can transform into one of the other characters on screen with VERY weakened abilities, if you use this ability then get used to seeing more of the weaknesses and less of the strengths, however as time passes he'll be able to use abilities that even you may not have seen before!

Buy the Mingler Pack DLC


  • Toadsworth: The main mushroom man who helps you out in the tutorial world at the beginning of the game
  • Barry Bob-omb: A minion of Bowsers who turns up to give you explinations on certain powerups
  • Millie Mario: Formally known as Amelia Toadstool Mario, Millie is Mario's daughter from an alternative timeline who owns some of the shops in the game, she sells characters at a low price
  • Toadbert: Toadbert is the mushroom to talk to if you need any tips on how to beat a level
  • 8-bit Mario: a mute, pixellated version of Mario who appears when asking for help with the super guide
  • Basilisx: The Captain of the Koopatrols and a long time rival to Mario, he appears as the shop keeper in World 8, but his prices are "unusually high" when you buy from him
  • Morton Koopa Senior: Father to Bowser and the King of all Koopas, Morton shows up when using the Super Guide for Bosses, though he scolds you at the end of the game if you use him more than once.
  • Cap'n Cosmic: A Space Pirate captain who owns one of the last stores in the game, he's able to sell custom game modes such as Fight Festival (See below) 

DLC Packs

World Explorer Pack

Look what Toadbert discovered! Three new worlds! World O, World -1 and World Z! Come on Mario, let's a-go!

This unlocks three new worlds and some new cutscenes. World O is based on Sonic and includes Dash Panels, Springs, exclusive enemies and more!

  • Fortress Boss: Eggmobile (Wrecking Ball)
  • Castle Boss: Mecha Sonic
  • World -1 is an extreme version of Mushroom Plain and also backwards!
  • Fortress Boss: Ice Sumo Bros.
  • Castle Boss: Possesed Mega Sumo Bro.

World Z is possibly the hardest world yet! You fight every boss you've unlocked with only a small chance to revive after each one.

Mingler Pack

Amber! Tails! Shadow Clone! Three new characters with their own battles! A special secret is here as well...

This unlocks three new characters who you need to battle to unlock and a new world!

  • Amber can jump very high and glide.
  • Tails is very fast and can withstand strong winds.
  • Shadow Clone is powerful and can stun enemies.

World S has a huge house which you can decorate yourself, a city, and a few levels in the city, in the sewers and on the rooftops!

  • Museum Boss: Tanooki Goomba
  • Skyscraper Boss: Big Bully

Koopaling Pack

A new batch of Koopalings to face! Mamma Mia! this is going to be a long fight

This unlocks a brand new level in World Z which allows you to face seven brand new Koopalings, each with their own way of taking Mario and the gang out.


  • Adventure Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Wi-fi Mode

These are the three main options that you get on the menu screen, but theres still more to see.

Adventure Mode: "Guide Mario and his friends through the adventure of a lifetime"

Battle Mode: "Choose from one of many different battle modes and play against your friends"

Battle Mode includes:

  • Grab the Stars: Grab Ten giant stars to win
  • Race to the finish: Race your opponent to the end of a stage
  • Bomb toss: Similar to many Mario Party Games, two people are chosen to carry a bob-omb throughout the level, but don't let it blow up though, otherwise its Game Over
  • Nabbit strikes back: Catch the Nabbit a set amount of times to win a special prize
  • Cosmic Clone Chaos: Complete each World whilst fighting off hordes of Cosmic Clones, its not easy but a Super Player like you should complete it.
  • Fight Festival: Battle your friends in any arena but it's harder than it seems! You can stomp on your opponents, run into them, or attack them with items!

Wifi Mode: "Wahoo! Mario and the rest of the gang go global, play with up to TEN players at one time!"

Wifi Mode allows ten players to play on screen at one time, but not in the way you'd think...

  • You can choose up to five players per stage from your band of ten people
  • One of those five can summon blocks or damage minor enemies
  • The ones that aren't in the game however can summon enemies and try to make the players journey a little more unbearable.

Wifi Mode also allows a massive online scale battle, which is why sometimes on MiiVerse you'll find the Games Creators Cosmic Magikoopa AND Hamclub13 Setting up special tournaments for ultra rare items in the game.


  • Release Run
    • Held 22 July 2015
    • Prize: 100 coins
    • Type: Wi-Fi Race
    • Courses: Round 1: World 1-1, Round 2: World 1-2, Final: World 1-3
    • Five players competed with CosmicMagikoopa and Hamclub13 summoning enemies. RedPlay3R and 005Lisense2Smell lost and joined the creators in annoying the competitors. In round two, Hrobrinez lost and in the final, HerdULiek lost, so Froggydoggy walked away with 100 coins
  • Boss Bash
  • Held on the 24th of July 2015
  • Prize: Free acess to World Z
  • Courses: All of the Boss levels
  • Five players competed against each other in each of the miniboss castle and the main boss castles as well as the Airships, but ultimately it came down to the last player who defeated the Dark Star one last time, and that user goes by the name of Wiiriketopray, this user snagged free acess to one of the DLC worlds!


Worlds Tower Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss

Mushroom Plains

Fire Sumo Bros


Giant Sumo Bro


Iggy Koopa

Mirror Mirage Desert



King Pokey


Morton Koopa Jr

Morton Koopa Jr Solo-0
Skyward City

Virtual Mario Brothers

Virtual Mario 2

Mecha Bowser mark 1


Lemmy Koopa

200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU
Obsidian Caves

Boom Boom


King Bob-omb

Big Bob-omb battle

Roy Koopa

Freezy Penguin Cove

Chief Chilly

20100623191332!Chief Chilly

Baron Brr

Baron Brrr

Wendy O Koopa

Wendy O Koopa 3D
Haunted Way

Possesed Luigi


King Boo

King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Ludwig Von Koopa

Classic Ludwig von Koopa (NSMBWii Style)
Comet Chaos

Shroob Commander


Virtual Mario Brothers Mark 2

Virtual Luigi NSMBVR

Larry Koopa

Classic Larry Koopa (NSMBWii style)
Bowser's Cosmic Fortress

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr Clown Car Small

Bowser and Controlled Dark Star

Ultimate smashers characters bowser by starmasterjohn-d5o6lrx
3d dark star by rotommowtom-d3uq3cl

Dark Bowser X

Dark Bowser X
Starry Skies

Dark Star

3d dark star by rotommowtom-d3uq3cl

Dark Bowser X and Dark Star 

Dark Bowser X
3d dark star by rotommowtom-d3uq3cl

Full Power Dark Bowser X and Shadoo

Pure evil giga bowser v2 backside by zoid162010-d5kngqn


Music for the Game can be viewed on the New Super Mario Brothers: The Cosmic Stars Music page


Super Mushroom:

Mario's saviour, the Super Mushroom has gotten him out of some tough situations and it's back to help Mario grow up!

Fire Flower:

The all time classic returns with bigger fireballs and new attacks!

Ice Flower:

This chilly version of the Fire Flower will make enemies shiver with its cool new powers!

Penguin Suit:

An upgraded version of the Ice Flower, you can slide away from trouble and become a pretty swift swimmer, all that and some cold powers.

Propellor Mushroom:

Tanooki Leaf:

This is one racoon you do not want to mess with, with the ability to fly and turn into a statue?! What more could you want besides the cool bandanna 

Cupid Wing:

An all new item from the heavens! Cupid isn't all love and hugs, he's got some sharp arrows to beat the baddies! You'll fall in love with this new power!

Devil Flower:

You'll want to be pretty skilled to use this properly! You can't jump very high or run very fast but you can whip enemies with your Devil tail. You can also infect other players with this. It lasts for 10 seconds.

Light mushroom:

This mushroom will be your lifesaver when inside the caves and ghost houses, skilled players will also know of the special technique that you can perform with this item, so get ready to shine some light on the situation.

Cosmic Star:

When collecting this odd little star, you'll be able to blast through the levels with an army of Cosmic Clones at your side, You can also infect players with the Cosmic clones to make them run for their lives! Time to cause a cosmic commotion 


The Artwork for the game can be viewed on the Gallery Page


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The Mario Franchise is owned by Nintendo

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All of the Fanon Koopalings belong to their original creators

Warlockian Flames Inc belongs to me

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