This Is For The Wii X


Mario & Peach were on a lovley walk mario ran of to get food. Bowser took peach mario  got 3 minutes later. & Got luigi after looking  they both saw the airship flying away. They went trogh the kingdom to find a castle the game begins




  1. Goomba
  2. Gold Goomba
  3. Koopa
  4. Gold Koopa
  5. Cave Goomba   New
  6. Bob-omb
  7. Spiny
  8. Laktu
  9. Goompa   New
  10. Metalic Goomba  New
  11. Metalic Koopa   New
  12. Para Goomba
  13. Para Koopa
  14. Para Spiny   New
  15. Buzzy Beetle
  16. Hammer Bro
  17. Boomarang Bro
  18. Bone Bro  New
  19. Fire Bro
  20. Thunder Bro   New
  21. Golden Bro
  22. Parana Plant
  23. Fire Parana
  24. Para Plant   New
  25. Monty Mole
  26. Golden Mole   New
  27. Dry Bones
  28. Fire Bones
  29. Thomp
  30. Womp   New
  31. Tomp   New
  32. Chain Chomp
  33. Invinsable Chomp   New
  34. Spike
  35. Kispe   New
  36. Bullet Bill
  37. Banansa Bill
  38. Mega Bill
  39. Cheep Cheep
  40. Deep Cheep
  41. Cheep Chomp


  1. Mushroom City                     Wendy Koopa             Koopa
  2. Dessert Hill                           Larry Koopa           Poke
  3. Island Pardise                       Iggy Koopa        Bowser Jr      Cheep Cheep
  4. Freeseing Montain                 Lemmy Koopa                     Hammer Bro
  5. Giants World                         Roy Koopa       Bowser Jr
  6. Skyway Clouds                      Ludiud Koopa
  7. Lava Valcano                       Bowser   Kamek    Bowser Jr
  8. Star Celabrasion                       None

Power Ups



By See You Soon

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