New Super Mario Bros X3 is a game for the Wii U released in 2016. It is a direct squeal to the game, New Super Mario Bros U. New Super Mario Bros X3 features new items and more characters that makes the Mario Series more fun to Nintendo's players/fans of the game series.


One day in the mushroom kingdom, Mario and his friends (Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, And Peach.) were having a party for Mario's 31th year of training. Then, A knock on Princess Peach's door can be heard. It seems the door was packed of Koopalings and Bowser's minons. They all destory the castle capturing the Princess and the Toads, The evil pesks fly away in their airships leaving Mario and friends behind. Mario and the gang runs to chase the airship, But, The airship flies all the way to Bowser's castle. Leaving Mario and his friends in the dust and at World 1, The gang decides to team up and save the princess no matter what. They hop in each level and be brave.


Everybody's favorite plumber is back and ready to save the Princess! He'll run and jump and has what it takes to be a hero! Unlocked from the start.
Mario's brother is also here to help! Luigi has good jumping skills that really come in handy! Unlocked in single player mode by pressing ZR and ZL.
He's the speedy and cute little guy, And it's Blue Toad! He also wants to join in on the action again! Unlocked by beating World 3.
What? You might be thinking. It's the Miis! They join Mushroom Kingdom and out of that Plaza! Unlocked by completing one minigame.
Yellow Toad is here once again! He has poor running skills but great jumping! Unlocked by beating World 5.


World 1, A very peaceful place but very strong levels.

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