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New Super Mario Bros: The Secret Worlds 2 is a fan-made game made by Riomhaire Co. This game will have 13 Worlds (Well, 14, with the extension of World 8). This is a sequel to the Secret Worlds, made by Fantendo. Link to The Secret Worlds:


The game starts with Bowser "It's a fine day to kidnap the princess." Mario, Luigi, Jay (A new character), and the Toads (4 Playable) are in the Castle when they hear a noise. The noise is Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach! To be continued.......

List of Characters


Mario: Player 1.

Luigi: Only playable in Co-Op

Jay: Only playable in Co-Op

Toads: Only playable in Co-Op

Blue Toad: One of the four playable toads.

Green Toad: Second playable toad.

Red Toad: Third playable toad.

Yellow Toad: Fourth playable toad.

List of Worlds

World 1: Post-Peach's Castle

World A: The Inverse Contraption (Secret World 1)

World 2: The Oasis

World 3: The Jungle

World 4: The Poison Catastrophe

World B: Lightning Mountain (Secret World 2)

World 5: TBA

World 6: TBA

World 7: TBA

World 8: Bowser Volcano 

World 8-B: Bowser's Castle, not a secret world, but an extension to world 8.

World C: TBA (Secret World 3)

World 9: TBA

World 10: TBA (Secret World 4)

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