New Super Mario Bros CE (also known as New Super Mario Bros Classic Edition) is a game for the 3DS made and published by Nintendo.


The game starts off in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario and Luigi and running to Princess Peach's Castle. They come in to find that Princess Peach has been kidnapped and the castle has been wrecked. Mario grabs a letter that fell from the sky reading:


You may have foiled my plan last time Mario Bros., but I am back with more minions, and you'll never stop me! BWAHAHHAHA!

Mario jumps outside to rush towards item boxes to find himself in a new adventure, while Luigi struggles to keep up.




  • The D-Pad / Circle Pad is used for walking Left or Right, but you can also duck too.
    • If you are in mid-air, pressing down will make you ground pound.
  • The A or B Button makes Mario jump.
    • If you are running, you can beform a Triple Jump.
    • If on a wall, you can wall kick off.
  • Holding the Y or X Button makes Mario sprint.
    • Some items use Y or X to use their abillities.
  • L and R scroll the screen.

File Select or Pause Menu

  • The D-Pad / Circle Pad can be used to move the cursor.
  • The Touch Screen can be used to move the cursor too, and if pressed, selects what your cursor is over.
  • A or B will select what your cursor is over.


World Number World Name Looks Cannon Most Common Items
World 1 Mushroom Plains Grassy fields and hills with eyes on them. Skips to World 5 Fire Flower, Blue Shell
World 2 Desert of Bones Flat desert with green cacti and little pools. Also includes giant Dry Bone Skulls. Skips to World 4 Propeller Mushroom, Ice Flower
World 3 Frozen Frosts A snowy world with snowballs and little huts. Skips to World 5 Penguin Suit, Tanooki Suit
World 4 Forest of Mystery Mainly made out of Trees with Brown and Green Leaves and has toxic water under wooden bridges. Skips to World 7 Lightning Flower, Bomb Mushroom
World 5 Steep and Rocky Mountains Mountains with Mushrooms on them. Skips to World 8 Racoon Leaf, Fire Racoon Leaf
World 6 Wooden Show Based on Super Mario Bros 3 Skips to World 8 Cape Feather, Hammer Suit
World 7 Cloudy Skies White clouds in the sky and Darker Clouds under the castle. Skips to World 8 Cloud Flower
World 8 Bowser Land A volcanic land with lava everywhere and has grey clouds. Skips to World 9 All items
World S Rainbow Sucess 2 clouds that have a rainbow connecting them. NONE Acorn Mushroom



Character Picture Name Speed Jump Strength Unlock
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1-
Mario Normal Normal Normal Default Character
Luigi Normal High Weak Default Character
Blue Toad Fast Low Normal Unlocked after World 1
YellowToad MP9
Yellow Toad Slow Normal Strong Unlocked after World 1
Rosalina SSB3M
Rosalina Slow High Strong Unlocked in a secret level found in World 7

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