Mario and Luigi  went on a walk but Bowser wanted Revenge so he tracked him down. Mario and Luigi  went to diffrent ways but Luigi  got found by Bowser and got trapped.Mario went back the same way Luigi came up and Mario found a letter on the ground.He picked it up the letter said "Ha i've got Luigi trapped in my castle so if you want your bro back you will have to find your way to my Castle from Bowser". Mario went on a quest to save Luigi and eventually he managed to beat Bowser (and save his bro)...but Bowser screams "REVENGE WILL BE MINE! REVENGE...WILL...BE....MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVENGE, MARIO REVENGE! REVENGE!!!!!!!!!"

Overworld Enemys

Koopa red



Koopas are Koopa Troopa with red shells and they do not fall of cliffs. Koopas can have all diffrent colurs of shells like Red,Green And Blue.




The Classic Enemy is back for revenge on Mario for killing them. Goombas can sometimes come from pipes.



Hammer Bro

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New Super Mario Bros 2 Bowser's Revenge Wii Advertisment

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Glitch 1

What you will need

  • a Ice Flower

In a Toad house Freeze Toad Carry Him into the door Smash the ice cube with toad in it.Then once you finish you will be able to play as toad.

Glitch 2

What you will need

  • Two Players playing
  • One player needs a Fire Flower and the other player needs a Ice Flower

Shoot Any Koopa, Para Koopa ,Goomba or Para Goomba At the same time and then the koopa is still walking but it leves a trail of coins.

World 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

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