Mario & Peach is celebrating the 1st time Mario saved her. Peach knows Mario loves adventures, so she made one, she walked to the east coast of the mushroom kingdom, & Mario is supposed to get to her. However Bowser found out, & then was really mad!!!! So with Mario there was a cannon that would lead him him to Grassy Plains. Bowser Changed the direction to Sandy Shores. After you beat the 1st 3 levels and get to the top of the tower. You see Kamek & he sees you he says ha you went get passed this he then creates a Goomba. Mario is confused he then uses magic to turn it into a Goomba Boom Boom, but Kamek calls it Goomb Goomb. After you beat him it lets you save & when you get to the next boss, Kamek is there & this time he makes a Goomba turn into a Goomba Bowser witch Kamek calls Goombowser. You win when and an Airship comes & Mario jumps on. When you get to the boss Bowser is there he says you really thought i would not find out. Remember i was the one who kidnapped Peach, speaking of witch where the heck is she!!! No matter Iggy deal with him, Iggy then comes out in his Airship & Mario flyes out of the one he is in & into a Koopa Clown Car the boss begins.


World 1 Sandy Shores

  1. Wave Waters Mario Stamp
  2. Soaking Cave Fire Luigi Stamp
  3. Yoshi Gets Wet Yoshi Stamp
  4. Shewing Fort Goomba Stamp
  5. Rainy Sky Days Cloud Stamp
  6. Plessie,s Watery Wave Plessie Stamp
  7. Wet Boo Castle Boo Stamp
  8. Steam Sand Base Dry Bones Stamp
  9. Soggy Ship Iggy Stamp

World 2 Stone Slide Mountain

  1. Crystal Cove Ice Mario Stamp
  2. Rock Top Cliff Yellow Toad Stamp
  3. The Boulders Are Falling Spike Stamp
  4. Spike Thwomp Castle Thwomp Stamp
  5. High Sky Rock Yoshi Ride Red Yoshi Stamp
  6. Crumbling Ghost House Boo Ring Stamp
  7. Athletic Run Marathon Clock Stamp
  8. Crumbling Cliff Castle Chain Chomp Stamp
  9. Rocky Road Airship Wendy Stamp

Other Levels

  • Cyborg Castle
  • Outer Space Asteroid Jump


Playable Default

Character Gimic Disadvantage Special Item Special Yoshi
Mario Balanced Balanced F.l.U.D.D Green
Luigi Highest Jumper Slowset Character Poltergust3,000 Yellow
Blue Toad Fastest Runner Lowest Jumper Shroom Star Blue
Yellow Toad Can Hover for 5 Secs Avery Minute he stops for 5 secs Shroom Ztar Light Green
Captain Toad He Can Track Star Coins Cant Jump Treasure Star White

Playable Unlockable

Character Gimic Special Item Special Yoshi Unlocking Criteria
Roselina Star Spin Star Bit Launcher Cyan Beat Roselinas Quest
Gasparo Double Jump Gasparo Treasure Shovel Orange Get 3 Star Coins With Captain Toad
Green Toad Invisible To Lava Toad Army Dark Green Beat Dry Bowser in Daisy's Quest
Purple Toad Dosent Slip On Ice Ice F.L.U.D.D Light Blue Beat The Roselinas Ice World
Paper Mario Has All the Gimics Papercraft Mario Red Beat The Game



  • Not only 2D Platforming 3D too
  • Many Quests to explore
  • There is also Maker Mode
  • There is Also Racing Mode


Character Items

  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Super Mushroom
  • Hammer
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Tiny Mushroom
  • Thunder Flower
  • Golden Hammer
  • Poision Mushroom
  • Toxic Flower
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • Rock Mushroom
  • Cloud Flower
  • Super Drill
  • Red Star

Yoshi & Plessie Items

  • Dash Pepper
  • Blimb Fruit
  • Light Pear
  • Ice Banana
  • Rock Apple
  • Double Cherry

Full Gallery

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