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Developer(s) Phoniex Circle
Publisher(s) Phoniex Circle
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan Sep 13, 2010
25px-Flag of USA Sep 13, 2010
25px-Flag of Europe Sep 13, 2010
25px-Flag of Australia Sep 13, 2010
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii Disk

New Super Mario Bros: The Underground is a working title for a game for Wii. It was made for the Mario series's 25th anniversary. The game introduces new characters, powerups, enemies, items, and an new major villian.


Unlike most Mario games, this one has a deeper story. Mario and Princess Peach are just about to enjoy a delicious cake when Bowser comes flying into the cake. Devili jumps out from the cake, and grabs Princess Peach, and flies away. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad race after Devili, but slip into a large hole. The game begins.

A couple levels later, Mario, Luigi, and the Toads enter the castle, and are about to kill Tom Deviling, but are stopped by his mother, Princess Lily. After learning that Princess Peach has been kidnapped, Princess Lily joins Mario and pals.

After entering World 3, Mario and pals see a girl version of Mario, who looks a lot like Peach. She says that her sister was kidnapped by a crazy witch and a strange ninja reptile. Mario and pals go off with Peachiro to help her. When they get there, Asokos and the unnamed Deviling attack as a duo.

Mario and pals fight them off, but then the unnamed Deviling pulls the switch on a time machine, but accidentally sucks in Mario and pals instead of her. Mario and pals find themselves in a prehistoric Dinosaur Land. They find out another Deviling is in this time period, and they go after to find him. Once getting there, they see that a giant prehistoric Yoshi is fighting along with him.

After defeating the prehistoric Yoshi and Deviling, they use the time machine to get back home, but they turn out to be on a dock that floats above a dangerous sea. A Deviling is mocking them, making Mario mad, and chase after him.

After defeating the Deviling, they find themselves in Japan, where mass chaos is happening. Another Deviling is trying to take over using Japanese goombas to hypnotize everyone in Japan. Mario and friends chase after him.

After finding the Deviling and defeating him, mummies drag Mario and his friends into the Haunt City, where they will be burned alive for a Deviling's enjoyment. They break free, and go out to find the 7th Deviling.

The go into a forest and end up getting lost. After finding their way their way through all the levels, they meet up with the seventh Deviling, after defeating him, they fall into Devili's lair, which was underground.

After beating Devili, Peach is saved, and Mario and his new friends go home, leaving Devili frozen in a frozen lake in his castle.


Gameplay is much like New Super Mario Bros. Wii's. The game is played either in classic style, with the Wii Remote held horizontally, or in Nunchuk style, with the Nunchuk used for movement. Some actions, such as jumping is used with 16px-Wiimote A and attacks are performed with 19px-Nunchuk Z or 12px-Wiimote B with the nunchuck. Others, like spinning in midair and picking up other players, are performed by shaking the Wii Remote. Certain areas of levels, such as specific platforms, can also be manipulated by tilting the Wii Remote.

Playable Characters

Character Name Description
NSMBDIY Mario Jump Mario Mario once again, has to save Princess Peach. This time, it's slightly different. His special move is to spin 360, knocking any weak enemies in the way.
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Mario's twin brother may be a scared cat, but he's willing to help or save Mario at any time. His special move is to jump higher, however, this makes up for his lack of speed.
BlueToad Blue Toad He may be a Toad, but he's no sissy. He's been on Mario's adventures before with his brother, Yellow Toad. He can throw his Mushroom Hat as a weapon, which can hit an enemy or jam a door. However, this attack is very weak.
YellowToad2 Yellow Toad He is Blue Toad's younger brother. He's been on Mario's adventures before, with his older brother. He can leave behind poison mushrooms that last for about five seconds. However, they can harm players too.
Princess Lily Princess Lily

This new character may be a girl, but she's very useful in combat. She can swing her light sword at enemys. However, it has a small distance.

Unlock her by beating World 2.

ToadetteJump Toadette

Toadette may have not gone on any Mario's adventures, but she thinks she can handle it. She can run much faster than anybody, except she can't stop very easily.

Unlocked in World 2 at the start.



Peachiro is a character that oddly looks like Mario and Peach. Her special ability is throw fireballs without a power up.

Unlocked in World 3 at the start.



Wario is looking for treasure in World 3, little does he know of his eviler selves...

He can preform a charge by shaking the remote.

Unlocked in the middle of World 3.



Kirby can suck up enemies and use their powers. He can jump 5 times in the air, although the jumps are low, and his speed is poor.

Bought in World 3 for 900 coins.


Paper Mario

Paper Mario acts like an permenant Paper Mushroom. He cannot collect Powerups.

Bought in World 3 for 1,000 coins.


Mario Sixty Four

Mario Sixty Four can't jump well, but he can wall jump and other moves. He also can collect powerups.

Bought in World 3 for 6,400 coins.

Folder4000 nessness


Ness can use his PSI powers and has a good amount of jump. He is ok at running, and cannot collect power-ups.

Bought for 2,000 coins in World 3.



Megaman is poor at jumping, cannot touch spikes, and walks painfully slow. However, his Megabuster can nearly take down anything.

Bought for 3,000 coins in World 3.



Unlocked at the end of World 3.

??? ??? This character is only unlocked by having all the characters.
Devilidkoopa Devili D. Koopa

He can fly, use his pitch fork to attack, and no enemies can hurt him. He cannot collect powerups, and dies in one hit. He is also very slow.

This character is unlocked when the game is complete.




Shopkeepers hold power ups and unlockable characters (only for world 3) and extras. There is one for every world. There are no shops in World 9 and 0.

Character Name Description
Toad Toad A completely normal toad. He owns the shop in World 1.


A friendly Monty Mole with a strange tummy. Owns the shop in World 2.
Maxia Maxia Maxia is Mario's daughter from a different universe. She owns the shop in World 3. She sells unlockable characters.
Squirts Serin Serin is a Blooper covered in oil that gave him the power to talk. He owns the shop in World 4. He sells Zeus Bloop Suits at low prices.
BoshiNew Boshi An Yoshi who owns the shop in world 5. He sells mounts as well as items.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Mario's creator not only has items to sell for cheap prices, but he also can give an free 1-up. World 6's shopkeeper.

Vampire Bat Chiro A friendly bat who owns the shop in World 7. He also sells candy which can be given to the monsters of this world.
GenoSMWWii Geno

It's Geno from Super Mario RPG! He is the world 8 shopkeeper. In addition to selling items, he also has an maze...



World 1: The Mushroom Kingdom

This is probably the easiest world. There aren't alot of tricks, and doesn't have a lot of hard enemies.

World 2: The Underground

This has lots of digging to do, and it caves in sometimes. The enemies aren't really that hard, but you can't really jump in this world.

World 3: The Portal Realm

This world contain several portals that throw out enemies, power-ups and strange objects. There aren't any ? blocks in this world.

World 4: Lighting Sea

The sea is very dangerous place to be. As well as that, it's contaminated with oil. You'll need more than a Frog Suit to get trough.

World 5: Prehistoric Dinosaur Land

There are several ride-able creatures in this world. However, there are very large dinosaurs everywhere.

World 6: The Shores of Japan

Filled with hypnotic Goombas that are turning the Japanese Toads into mindless slaves. You must not only help them, but stop the master mind behind it all.

World 7: Haunt City

The city is overruled with ghouls and ghosts, and most them are in swarms. Mario and friends have to go in to save "Peach". As well as that, the Mayor seems mysterious...

World 8: The Forest

The forest is full of creepy crawlies and dangerous animals. It has no gimmicks except for some mysterious purple goo.

World 9: Devili's Domain

Devili's fortress is at this final world. This world will put you at a very large test, using objects and enemies from previous worlds. At the end, Devili will be waiting for you, and will fight you.

World 0: Cheerless Challenge

At the end of the game, this world is unlocked. Using objects and enemies from previous worlds, this place will keep you on your toes. At the end, the 8th Deviling will be waiting for you.


Character Name Description
Farmer HelBrown Farmer Helbrown This Deviling is fought in World One. He uses Chicken Suit Goombas to attack. His weakness is his shell.
Buzz Tom Deviling This Deviling is fought in World 2. He attacks using cave-ins. His weakness is using the boulder that fall down from the ceiling.
Deviling Dawg Dawg This Deviling is fought in World 3. He uses synthesizers to attack. His weakness is his headphones.
Rover Deviling Rover This Deviling is fought in World 4. He uses machinery and viruses to attack. His weakness is the plug behind him.


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