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New Super Mario Bros. Rivalry Between Cousins 1 logo

The offcial logo for the game.

 New Super Mario Bros. Rivalry Between Cousins is a new game for the Nintendo U, also known as the Wii U. The game takes place shortly after New Super Mario Bros. U and it focuses on Wario and Waluigi rather than Bowser. (But Bowser is still an enemy in the game).


Wario is building some new machines to destroy Mario and Luigi, but then Bowser opens the front door of Wario's mansion. Bowser asks Wario to help him kidnap Princess Peach, Wario likes the offer but asks Bowser if he can get paid. Bowser says that he also wants to collect all the power stars in the Mushroom Kingdom, and that Wario could have the power stars to help destroy Mario. Suddenly Waluigi comes out from his bedroom door and asks what is going on, Bowser told him what he had missed and that he could come. Then the villains head out of the castle to start thier master plam, which is to take the place of King Toadsworth.

Playable Characters

  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Blue Toad
  4. Yellow Toad


  1. Bowser #1
  2. Bowser Jr.
  3. Green Bom-omb (One of Wario's creations)
  4. Red Chomp (One of Waluigi's Creations)
  5. Bowser #2
  6. Waluigi & Wario


  1. Peach's Castle
  2. Dry Desert Lands
  3. Wario's Factory
  4. Chompy Chomp Plains
  5. Hot Tropics
  6. Wario's Mansion

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