Image Name Ability
Super Mushroom It increases the size and strength of the player. (Turns Normal X into Super X)
Power Flower It gives the player their unique powers. (Turns X Mario into Fire Mario, X Luigi into Ice Luigi, X Renegoomba into Hammer Renegoomba and X Boo into Boomerang Boo.)
Mega Mushroom Turns the player into a temporary "mega" form.
Mini Mushroom Turns the player back a stage. (Mega turns into Intense Fire/Ice/Hammer/Boomerang, Intense Fire/Ice/Hammer/Boomerang turns into Fire/Ice/Hammer/Boomerang, Fire/Ice/Hammer/Boomerang turns into Super, Super turns into Normal, Normal turns into Mini.
Intensity Mushroom Intensifies the player's unique power.
Blue Shell If the player is Mario or Luigi, this power-up will give them both blue shells on their backs. They can slide, but not just that, they also become immune to Mini Mushrooms. If the player is not Mario or Luigi, this will serve as a normal enemy shell.
Power Star Gives the player invincibilty for a short amount of time.

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