New Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Quest is a game for the nintendo 3ds. It has 16 worlds (20 if you're counting the special worlds). This Game is up to 7 Players.


It starts off with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and a bunch of toads partying at Peach's Castle. Then, Dark Mario comes and takes Peach And a bunch of other toads. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Green Toad, Purple Toad, and Yellow toad get thrown into a giant cannon by the koopalings. they then blast off to world one and travel from there.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
NsmbMario Mario Our precious hero. He did many jobs, and always saves the day. Being a referee, athlete, doctor, or even explorer, Mario gained experience in almost all jobs. Even Mona from WarioWare, Inc. cannot beat him in getting jobs. He has the Star Spin and is the only one who can brake immediately. He's already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's the guy which stood very long in his bro's shadows, and was mostly known as "green guy" to many Toads. He's however, very popular among Mario fans. He's scared for ghosts, yes, but nobody can beat him in high jumping! His jumps are higher than any other. He's already unlocked
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad A smarter Toad which also has the courage to retrieve the princess back. He's the apprentice of both Toadbert and Toadsworth, and he can smell Hidden Blocks from far away. Also uses the Star Spin. When an hidden block is near, the Wii Remote of the player playing Blue Toad will shake a bit. He's already unlocked
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad He's a bit sleepy, but is always awake when searching for Peach. Also, there's nobody who runs faster than Yellow Toad. Maybe a blue hedgehog, but not a Koopa Shell anyways. Runs faster than the other six. He's already unlocked
Greentoad Green Toad Green Toad is very confident and knows what he is doing. sometimes, he wants to just rescue the princess on his own. Very good speed and jumps the second-highest Unlock him in world 2
Purpletoad Purple Toad Not Much is known about purple toad. Fast and good swimmer. He's already unlocked
NSMBΩMaria Maria This is Mario's female cousin! She wants to show some girl power to the Goombas! She can do a stronger Star Spin and brakes faster than anyone else but Mario. When got every Star Coin for the Normal Worlds, buy Maria at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
NSMBΩLuise Luise Luigi's female cousin and Maria's sister. As Luigi is scared for Boos, she is scared for Boolines. But she still gives it a try. Luise uses a special Green Missile power instead of the Spin Jump. She also jumps a little higher than Mario. When got every Star Coin for the Shortcut Worlds, buy Luise at the Star Coin Shop for 3 Star Coins.
Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina decides to come all the way from the stars to help rescue the princess. Rosalina can spin jump in the air. Unlock in World Star


Worlds World description Enemy course Stages Bosses
1. Green Leaf Mountain 1 / 2 / 4 Spikes 1- Arrow sign 0: Mario's Nook
1-1: Green Leaf Way
1-2: Piped up plains
1-3: Blue Urchin Sea
1- FortressMBR: Boom Boom's Crushing Tower Boom Boom
1-4: Piranha Bushes
1-5: Twisted Tunnel
1-6: Sliding Yoshi ride
1-7: Spinning Star Mushroom Skyway (night) (accessed by secret exit in 1-3)
1-Lakitu Cloud (beat 1-7. a secret level with lots of clouds. this takes you to world 5)
1-CastleMBR: Iggy's Bouncy Castle Iggy P. Koopa
2. Shy Guy Sands 2 / 4 / 8 Shy Guys 2-1: Rolling Hills
2-2: Sandspout Lane
2- GhostHouseMBR: Drowned Ghost House* King Boo
2- Blue Switch: Blue Switch Palace
2-3: Switch Shift Bridge*
2-S: Inky Lake
2- TowerMBR: Pom Pom's Shadowy Tower Pom Pom
2-4A: Shy Guy Bazaar 2-4B: Pillar Canyon
2-5: Bonecoaster Tunnel
2- TowerMBR: Iggy's Chain Chomp Tower Iggy Koopa
2- AirshipMBR: Iggy's Airship Iggy Koopa
2- CastleMBR: Temple of the Sands Shadow Mario
3. Palm Tree Cove 4 / 8 / 16 Cheep Cheeps 3-1: Valley of the Giants
3-2: Golden Falls
3-3A: Cheep Cheep Boardwalk* 3-3B: Overgrown Jungle*
3- SMW Green Switch: Green Switch Palace
3-S: Forbidden Ruins
3-CastleMBR: Tangled Temple Shadow Mario
3-4: Windworn Cliff* 3- GhostHouseMBR: Blurred Ghost House King Boo
3-S: Parabeetle Skyway
3- TowerMBR: Kammy's Magic Tower Kammy Koopa
3-5: Springwater Pond
3-6: Lakitu Heights
3-TowerMBR: Dragonia's Sassy Spellbook Tower Larry & Dragonia Koopa
3- AirshipMBR: Larry's Airship Larry Koopa
4. Morton's Snowy Kingdom 4-1:
4- GhostHouseMBR: Ghost House Labyrinth* King Boo
4- Red Switch: Red Switch Palace
4- TowerMBR: Reznor's Spinning Tower Reznor
4-5A: 4-5B:
4- TowerMBR: Morton's Hammerswing Tower Morton Koopa Jr.
4- AirshipMBR: Morton's Airship Morton Koopa Jr.
5. (Cloud world) Kamek / Ludwig
6. (Haunted / space world)
6- TowerMBR: Boom Bros.' Trick Track Tower Boom Boom & Pom Pom
6- AirshipMBR: Bowser Jr.'s Starship Bowser Jr.
6- TowerMBR: Larry's Lights Out Tower Larry Koopa
7. Bowser's Island
7- TowerMBR: Wendy's Glowing Tower 7- TowerMBR: Roy's Bullet Blast Tower Wendy o.Koopa Roy Koopa
7- AirshipMBR: Bowser Jr.'s Great Airship Dry Bowser Jr.
7- BowsersCastleMBR: Bowser's Castle Bowser
7- BowsersGateMBR: Bowser's Gate Mega Bowser



  • Pow Mushroom
  • Metal mole suit
  • Rainbow Flower
  • Green Leaf
  • Invincibility Acorn
  • Dragon Suit
  • Pumpkin Mushroom
  • Super Pumpkin Mushroom
  • Blindness Leaf
  • Invincibility Acorn
  • Super Mega Mushroom
  • Speed Acorn

Pow Mushroom

Bindness Leaf

Blindness Leaf


  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Thunder Flower
  • Super Leaf
  • P-Leaf
  • Mole Suit
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • Super Acorn
  • Glowing Acorn
  • Frog Suit
  • Metal Mushroom