Hello! It's-a me! Mario! You've been playing my game and need help, haven't you? Knew-a it! Well-a, me and my-a friends are-a here to help-a! Read-a below and some-a characters from my-a game will help-a you!

Boss Help



ROOOAR!!! What are you doing here? WHAT?! That guy Mario told your that I would help you beat my minions and me? I knew I shouldn't of trusted that guy...Grr...Fine. Below me is some easier ways to beat bosses. When you're done, SCRAM! And don't tell anyone else to come here!

  • Bowser = When you enter the battlefield, make sure you have a Koopa Shell. Then slide in and you will slide into Bowser, which kills him instantly.

Finding Others



Oh! Oh! You came to see me! :) What? Mario said I'd help? Of course I will! I'll tell you where to find the other playable characters! :D Ok! Here I go!!!

  • Luigi = When you enter the level, go to the fifth house. Enter the door to see that it's Mario's house. Luigi is in the kitchen. Talk to him and he'll join.
  • Wario Bros. = Enter the tower with 1,000,000 coins. Defeat the Wario Bros. and the coins will fall out of your pocket. The Wario Bros. will see them and ask you if they can join. Say yes and they do.
  • Peach and Me (Toad) = Beat King Kaliente in Burning Fortress as Mini Mario. When you do, you will run into the room and fall through a Mini Mario hole. Mario will continue running and see Peach and Toad. Use a Mega Mushroom at that point and they will agree to help (because they can now get out).
  • Yoshi = When you get to Larry he will be riding on a Yoshi. To get this Yoshi you must defeat Larry.
  • Birdo = Beat the Wiggler without making him angry.


NSMBWii Luigi


Oh-a! Hi there! I've-a been expecting you-a! Mario told me you needed help, so I decided to tell you how to find secret exits-a!

  • World 1-2 = When you get to the checkpoint, use a propeller suit and spin up. You will enter a new place with the flagpole right in front of you.

Ridable Characters



Yoshi! Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi! Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi! (Oh! Yoshi's been expecting you! Yoshi will tell you how to ride secret characters!)

  • Wiggler = Get to him as a boss. While he's asleep, jump on him. Then ground pound his head. A baby Wiggler will appear. Jump on him and you will automatically beat the level, as well as being able to ride the Wiggler until you die. The Wiggler can dash really fast, and when dashing is invincible.
  • Yoshi = When you get to Larry, become Mini Mario. Jump on Larry and he dies. You can now ride the Yoshi!!! He can do the same thing as in NSMBW.



So-a? Did it help-a? Good-a! Thank-a you for playing-a!

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