New Super Mario Bros. Xtreme
Developer(s) Jet Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo!
Platform(s) WiiXtreme
Release Date(s)
June 3rd, 2009
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Disc


Mario is in his house when a giant explosion appears in Toad Town. He dashes to find it, and once there see that Bowser and his 8 Koopalings attacked and kidnapped Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green Toads, as well as Pink and Orange Toadettes. He runs to save the toads.

In Toad Town, he finds Luigi. Luigi agrees to help and the Bros. continue.

After bringing them 1000 coins, the Wario Bros. also agree to help the Mario Bros..

They save Peach and Toad from King Kaliente in Burning Fortress. The royal two agree to help.

They discover Yoshi was kidnapped by Larry on Yoshi's Island, and after saving him, he agrees to help.

Birdo was being trampled by a Wiggler in Birdo Forest, but they save her.


Mario and co. will find many enemies in their quest to save the toads. Here's a list of bosses:

Name World Tower Boss? Castle Boss? Koopaling/Airship? Map Miniboss?
Kamek Yes No No No
Shadow Mario 1 No Yes No No
Bowser Jr. No No Yes No
Goomba 1 No No No Yes
Wario Bros. Yes No No No
Icy Dino Piranha No Yes No No
Lemmy Koopa 2 No No Yes No
Frog 2 No No No Yes
King Kaliente 3 Yes No No No
Fiery Dino Piranha 3 No Yes No No
Morton Koopa Jr. 3 No No Yes No
Pokey 3 No No No Yes
Giant Smilax Yes No No Yes
Petey Piranha 3 No Yes No No
Larry Koopa 4 No No Yes  No
Wiggler 5 Yes No No Yes
Wendy O. Koopa 5 No Yes No No
Iggy Koopa 5 No No Yes No
Bullies 6 Yes No No Yes
Big Bully 6 No Yes No No
Roy Koopa 6 No No Yes No
Lakitu 7 Yes No No Yes
Fly Guy and Plants 7 No Yes No No
Ludwig Von Koopa 7 No No Yes No
Bowser Koopa 8 No No Yes No

Playable Characters

Image Name Player Description Ability
NsmbMario Mario 1 The red hero, he's a speedy guy. Dashing
124px Luigi 2 The green hero, he's high in the sky. High-Jumping
BlueToad Toad 3 The little fungi, he's a fun guy. Tossing toys
PeachPlayer Peach 4 The princess, she's very happy. Spinning in the air, much like the Joy Vibe
138px Wario 5 The strongest! Ground Pounding
160px Waluigi 6 A fast skateboarder, tennis racket smacker, ect. Riding on a skateboard while smashing a tennis racket into the ground
124px Yoshi 7 A speedy buddy, and you can ride on him. Dashing, carrying others, changing colors
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo 8 She's strong, fast and has bunches of eggs. Spitting eggs 


Super Mushroom

Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Mini Mushroom

Penguin Suit

Koopa Shell

Propeller Mushroom

Cheep Suit

Poison Plant


Name Number Damsel(s) in Distress
Toad Town 1 Luigi (Level 1-1), Red Toad (Airship)
Ice Island 2 Wario Bros. (Tower), Yellow Toad (Airship)
Burning Fortress 3 Peach and Blue Toad (Tower)
Yoshi's Island 4 Yoshi and Purple Toad (Airship)
Birdo Forest 5 Birdo (Tower), Orange Toad (Airship)
Bully's Boxing Arena 6 Green Toad (Airship)
Sky Garden 7 Pink Toadette (Airship)
Bowser's Castle 8 Orange Toadette and Toadsworth (Airship)


Mario and co. run into Bowser's airship to find a lot of Bullet Blasters. They dodge, and soon find Bowser. It looks like they have to beat him like in SMB, but they are proved wrong when he hits the switch himself and they are separated. Fortunately, Toadsworth tosses them Koopa Shells, which deflect fireballs. They burn Bowser with his own fire, and escape the destroyed airship.

Glitches/Secrets/Easter Eggs