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New Super Mario Bros. X
Developer(s) Hyperspace Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii XPlus
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Platformer
Series New Super Mario Bros.
Predecessor New Super Luigi U
Media Included Game Disk

New Super Mario Bros. X is an upcoming 2.5D Mario game that is set to be released on the 1st December, 2015. It is a revival of the New Super Mario Bros. series and is currently being developed by Hyperspace Games.

In order to match the Wii XPlus' play-style, up to 12 players can play the game simultaneously. Unlike its predecessors, there are 17 worlds in total, over 600 levels and an in-depth story, something that the past games have been lacking. It was officially revealed to the public during a Nintendo Direct in Christmas 2014, however, it was teased during an E3 gathering earlier in the year.


It is Princess Peach's birthday and Mario, Luigi, Toad, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Baby Mario, Princess Daisy, Toadette and Yoshi are all celebrating it with her. At the same time, a meteor shower is occurring. Wario and Waluigi (who had been trying to sneak into the back of the castle in order to steal the gold and other riches) see a fleet of airships fly over the horizon. As a Bullet Bill hits only a few feet from where they are standing, they stumble through the back window and into the dining room, where everyone else is. Right at that moment, a huge U.F.O. hovers over the castle and blasts several lasers around it. Kamek flies through the window and casts a spell, sending everyone apart from Peach, Daisy and Toadette flying out of the castle. The U.F.O. uses the lasers to lift up the castle and carries it away. Bowser docks his airship next to the flying castle and stomps inside, throwing all of the items and gifts out of the window, foolishly thinking they would be of no use. He then commands the entire Koopa Troop out across the lands, knowing very well that Mario would try to stop him.

Mario then wakes up in a pile of flowers, but without his hat. He sits up and sees Nabbit trying to sneak away with it. However, he is stopped by Rosalina and the Luma's, who had saw the whole thing. Luigi and the rest of the gang walk up to the three, and they all set out to stop Bowser.

After completing level 3 in World 1, a cutscene plays showing a bunch of Red Koopa Paratroopas carrying Yoshi and throwing him into a cage full of other Yoshis, before carrying the cage away. Nabbit throws a wrench at the cage and the Yoshis leap out and flee. Mario and the others then follow.

After completing level 5 in World 1, Mario and co. are greeted by a Balloon Baby Yoshi. Yoshi then communicates with the infant, which tells Yoshi that he saw a 'big grey thingy' carrying a 'flying building' across the hills. The Baby Yoshi then agrees to come with Mario and co.

After finally reaching Bowser's Castle in World 15, the big group look on in astonishment at the sheer size of the castle. Wario then throws a Bomb-omb at the castle door, allowing everyone to enter. Another cutscene plays when Mario defeats Bowser a second time during the level. The castle shakes, and, after wondering where the captivities are, they group jump into a pipe and barely escape the rising lava. As soon as the arrive outside the castle, it explodes, revealing a huge robot that is made out of Peach's Castle.

At the end of the final level of World 15, Dry Bowser jumps out of the lava, destroys the flag pole, and fights the group. Once he is defeated, he explodes. Peach, Daisy and Toadette then walk out of the 'end of level castle' (which had an electric cage inside). The way the three of them react depends on what characters are there.

As the Comet Observatory (which had its energy drained prior to the events of the game) flies back to the grasslands with Peach's Castle in tow, Daisy remarks on a 'secret star world' which the player(s) can access next. The credits then roll.



Image Name Description
Mario - New Super Mario Bros U Mario Mario is the main protagonist of the game. He is an all-rounded character and the easiest to control.
Luigi - New Super Mario Bros U Luigi Luigi is the secondary protagonist of the game. He can jump the highest out of everyone.
NSMBUYellowToad Yellow Toad Yellow Toad once again makes an appearance in the game. He is the most predictable character and it is very easy to calculate his movements.
NSMBUBlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad also returns. He is the fastest character out of everyone.
508px-MP8Wario Wario Wario make his first appearance in a New Super Mario Bros. game this time around, and is the fifth playable character. He is the slowest and cannot jump as high as everyone else.
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Waluigi is the sixth playable character, and a newcomer. He has the ability to throw a small Bob-omb every two minutes.
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina Rosalina is a new character and the seventh. She can fire Star Bits at enemies and summon a Luma to help attack.
Toad Toad Toad is now the eighth playable character instead of being just a side character. He can lift turnips out of the ground to throw at enemies. This ability is actually vital later on in the game.
DK Strong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong makes a surprise appearance in this game, and he is also the ninth playable character. He can 'wall-jump' and knock down trees.
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a newcomer and the tenth playable character. He has the ability to use a jetpack for a few seconds and can also shoot peanuts from his peanut-pop guns.
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit Nabbit once again makes a playable appearance in this game. He retains the same abilities from New Super Luigi U, which is invincibility. He also cannot use power-ups, instead he earns five coins for every power-up he collects.
Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario Baby Mario is the final newcomer, and the final playable character over all. He is the lightest character so he falls slower, but he screams and cries when inside a bubble.

Other Characters


Image Name
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi
Ground Pound Yoshi YBA Yellow Yoshi
Cyan YoshiSMWWii Light Blue Yoshi
Pink Yoshi YBA Pink Yoshi
RedYoshi! Red Yoshi
Blue YoshiSMWWii Dark Blue Yoshi
Purple Yoshi YBA Purple Yoshi
Black Yoshi YBA Black Yoshi
White Yoshi YBA White Yoshi
Brown YoshiSMWWii Brown Yoshi
OrangeYoshi YBA Orange Yoshi
No image available as of now

Grey Yoshi

Baby Yoshis

Image Name Description
MagentababyyoshiNSMBU Balloon Baby Yoshi The Balloon Baby Yoshi is the first Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet. When using it, it has the ability to blow up like a balloon, allowing the player to float.
BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Bubble Baby Yoshi The Bubble Baby Yoshi is the second Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet. It can spit several bubbles, lifting enemies and items up into the air.
Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBU Glowing Baby Yoshi The Glowing Baby Yoshi is the third Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet. Unlike New Super Mario Bros. U, it can be taken into the world map like the other Baby Yoshis. It has the ability to glow and light up dark caves and rooms.
Red Baby Yoshi Fire Baby Yoshi The Fire Baby Yoshi is the fourth Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet, and the first new Baby Yoshi introduced in the game. It can spit fire balls much like Fire Mario, but the player can charge the fire balls before releasing them, making them bigger and more powerful.
Cyan Baby Yoshi Ice Baby Yoshi The Ice Baby Yoshi is the fifth Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet, and the second new Baby Yoshi introduced in the game. Its ability is basically the same as the Fire Baby Yoshis, only it spits ice balls instead.
Green Baby Yoshi Green Baby Yoshi The Green Baby Yoshi is the sixth and final Baby Yoshi that Mario and co. meet, and the third new Baby Yoshi introduced in the game. It can tie up enemies with its tongue and throw them.


  • World 10: Monty Mines
    • Monty Mole Group - Fortress Boss
    • Monty Mole King (new boss) - Tower Boss
    • Monty Mole King - Castle Boss
    • Bowser Jr. - Airship Boss
  • World 13: Yoshi's Island
    • Hisstocrat - Fortress Boss
    • Robot Bowser - Tower Boss
    • Kamek - Castle Boss
  • World 15: Bowser's Planet



Image Item Form Name Description Form
No image Starting the game for the first time, getting hit by an enemy or using a Poison Mushroom. Small Mario The starting form of Mario, this form can be accessed by starting up the game for the first time, coming into contact with an obstacle or enemy, or using a Poison Mushroom. Small-mario
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Super Mushroom Super Mario The most common Power-Up in the game, using a Super Mushroom will turn Mario from Small Mario to Super Mario, his normal, iconic form. Using a Super Mushroom when already in the Super Mario state will reward you with points instead. Mario NSMB2
Golden Mushroom NSMB2 Golden Mushroom Coin The Golden Mushroom is a golden version of the Super Mushroom. Despite the fact that it does not give any special powers, it is still considered a power-up. When collected, it rewards the player with 50 coins, or 100 coins when the player is in the Golden Mario form. Coin NSMB2
Metal Mushroom Metal Mushroom Metal Mario The Metal Mushroom turns the player into a metallic form when used. Using this allows the player to walk on lava (which is required on later levels), and be able to jump on giant enemies that would normally require a ground-pound in order to kill them. However, it is impossible to swim when using this power. Metal Mario1
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom Changes the player back into the Small Mario form. The Poison Mushroom is a negative-like power-up. When touching it, it changes the player back into the Small Mario starting form. Though it is best to avoid them, they can still be stored in the item inventory. No image