World 2
NSMBX World 2 Map
Publisher(s) New Super Mario Bros. X
Genre(s) 11 levels (except rainbow levels)
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World 2 is the desert world of New Super Mario Bros. X. This world introduces the new Gold Flower and the Boomerang Suit power-up, where Mario can transform into Gold Mario/Boomerang Mario (and Luigi to Silver Luigi/Boomerang Luigi). This world has four Toad Houses, two are red, one is green and the last is a Star Toad House. It is also the first world with a Ghost House in the game.

This world consists of 11 levels. eight of them are on the main path, two levels are optional and the last is the world's rainbow level. This world is also optional as it can be bypassed by completing World 5. The map music and overworld music of the world is similar to that of World 2 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The world layout is also similar to World 2 of New Super Mario Bros.. The boss of this world is Iggy Koopa.


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