World 1-Rainbow
1-Rainbow NSMBX
Publisher(s) World 1
Genre(s) New Super Mario Bros. X
Predecessor There are no star coins in this level. This is the first Rainbow level.

World 1-Rainbow is the rainbow course of World 1 in New Super Mario Bros. X.

To access this level, the timer must end with the two digits '11' (that is, 'x11', where 'x' can be any number) when the player reaches the flagpole of any World 1 level. Once the level is completed, it can be accessed again by satisfying the above condition once more.


The level begins with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, or Link entering into a green Warp Cannon and being shot into the sky. He then lands on a moving platform which continuously moves to the right. Upon landing, coins begin to fall from the sky. Two Coin Roulette Blocks appear, and more coins begin falling after that, along with a 100 Gold Coin. There's a Lakitu after a 100 Gold Coin. Two more Coin Roulette Blocks appear, followed by a large Coin Roulette Block which changes between 10, 50 and 100 coins. Finally, more coins shower down, and Mario or Luigi jump off of the platform. Falling at any time will bring Mario or Luigi back to the World Map, and the coins collected are saved.



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