New Super Mario World U is a Wii-U game that first appeared in the E3 2014. It's set for release in 2015. It has amazing 2D graphics and a amazing plot making it one of the greatest game in Wii-U history


Princess Peach had invited Mario, Luigi, and the Toads for dinner at her castle. When they had a yummy dinner the castle was in midair, then it went up and up, up. Until, Magikoopa broke thourgh the windows and pushed Mario, Luigi, and the Toads out of the window. The castle landed on top of Bowser's Castle. Bowser laughed so hard offscreen.

When the gang made it to Bowser's and Peach's Castle. They had danger, door after door. When they made it to Bowser's room they had big fight. When Bowser was defeated, Magikoopa did a little magic on Bowser turning him giant. After that Bowser turned to his normal size, he was knocked out of the castle. And came out a key in a rainbow pipe. And Mario had saved Peach!

In the end Bowser, the Koopalings and Magikoopa, tried to get Peach but they've failed.

Also Mario found a vortex that leads to the Star World



  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Blue Toad
  4. Yellow Toad
  5. Roslina


  1. Peach
  1. Red Toad
  1. Mii



Boom Boom W1-Tower Bowser's loyal minon is the first midboss. He'll do the same thing he did in SMB3. Jump on his head 3 times to defeat him
Pom Pom W2-Tower Boom Boom's sidekick is ready for battle. She'll throw boomerangs and make 2 clones of herself.
Pow Pow W3-Tower The new fanon sidekick is now charged up! He'll pound the ground and fire horming bullet bills.
King Chomp W4-Tower This king is starting to be fishy. He'll try to eat you and cause Eep Cheeps in the area. Swim and hit his weak spot 3 times.
Dino Piranha W5-Tower This dino had came to the Mushroom Kingdom jungle. He'll do the same thing he did in SMG.
Boss Sumo Bro. W6-Tower The king of the cliffs has made a shocking return! He'll do the same thing in NSMBU.
King Ty-foo W7-Tower He's a normal Ty-foo until he is enlarged by Magikoopa. He'll try to blow you off the platform. Use the Mega Mushroom on him 9 time to destroy his royal life.
Magikoopa W8-Tower

The final mid-boss had caused all of this grief. Magikoopa will clone hiself and shoot out never ending flames.


Iggy Koopa W5-Castle  Iggy will climb on vines and shoot 3 fireballs [1 is orange and 2 is green]. If the orange one gets in the lava, Blarggs will come out of the lava. Wait until Iggy falls and gets dizzy and jump on him. Do this 3 times to defeat him.
Ludwig Von Koopa W7-Castle Ludwig will fly in the air and shoot thunderbolts with his wand. He'll also do SMB3 ground-pounds. Jump on his head 3 times to defeat him
Bowser W8-Castle

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