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New Super Mario Bros. Warped is an Platformer for the DS being made by Koopa Kastle Productions. It is similar to New Super Mario Bros. for features that include Mario as the main character, worlds from NSMB, etc. It is also similar to the Mario & Luigi series because it uses items from those games. Toad is also featured in this game, but is not playble. This game also features a time-warp system.


Mario is taking a walk with Peach and Toad when, all of a sudden, a nearby bush rustled. A Koopa Troopa popped out and started running towards the princess. Toad immediately sprang into action and combated the Koopa away from Peach. Behind them, 2 more Koopa Troopa's popped out of another nearby bush and sped towards Peach again. Mario jumped in front of them and fought them back. Then, from up above, a Shroob UFO hovered over Peach and beamed her up. Mario and Toad had defeated the Koopa's, but they couldn't reach the princess fast enough. When the UFO had beamed her up, it dropped a note into Toad's hands. It said, "HAHAHA! I have formed an alliance with the Shroob Empire, Mario! With them on my side, there's no way you can stop me!" Toad groaned and told Mario that they had to rescue Peach again. Mario nodded and the two heroes sped off towards adventure.

Gameplay & Controls

Gameplay is like most NSMB games. You move Mario, jump on enemies, collect power-ups, etc. However, it features many new items that appeared in Mario & Luigi titles. Toad also has a role in the adventure. He is the guide to item abilities.

  • D-Pad: Move Mario.
  • A/Y Buttons: Run, throw fireballs, iceballs, mix balls, activate power-up.
  • B Button : Jump.
  • X Button: Check current power-up and it's abilities.
  • R/L Buttons: Scroll screen.
  • Start: Pause Game
  • Select: Activate Time Warp control.

Items & what they do

  • Super Mushroom - Makes Mario bigger and stronger.
  • Fire Flower - Lets Mario throw fireballs.
  • Ice Flower - Lets Mario throw iceballs.
  • Cannonballer - Lets Mario get inside a cannon and shoot through enemies.
  • Copy Flower - Lets Mario multiply.
  • Mix Flower - Lets Mario throw A Fireball/Iceball mix.
  • Pocket Chomp - Lets Mario ride on a Chain Chomp until he hits a wall.
  • Smash Egg - Lets Mario throw eggs at enemies.

Time Warp System

This feature allows Mario to go back in time to any level that has been beaten, then quickly travel back to his old location. For example, if Mario was in World 5-6 and he was about to get defeated, the player could press the Select button and Mario could go back to World 1-1, collect a power-up, then warp right back to World 5-6.


  • Mario - Protagonist.
  • Toad - Guide.
  • Bowser - Antagonist.
  • Princess Shroob - Antagonist.

Worlds & Bosses

World Theme Boss
1 Plains Bowser Jr.
2 Spooky King Boo
3 Sky Petey Piranha
4 Mountain Monty Tank
5 Galactic Princess Shroob
6 Medieval Bowser
7 Technology Fawful
8 Bowser Castle Bowser & Princess Shroob

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