New Super Mario Bros. VR 2: Revenge of the Virus is an upcoming Nintendo VR game that will serve as the sequel to NSMBVR. In this game, the Virtual Virus has returned, and the old six and some more guys must stop the Virus before it is to late! The game will release on July 19, 2013.


The game is set 3 years after the first. In the ghostly undead world, a Dry Bones accidentally recreates the Virus, and it escapes. However new clones are created and its up to Mario and the gang to stop them.

Playable Characters

Mario Luigi Bowser Bowser Jr Petey Piranha Big Bob-Omb Toad Toadette Wario Waluigi Morton Koopa Snr Koopalings Koopa the Quick Goombario


Dry Bowser Polari Detective Bones Yoshi Baby Yoshi Lumas Geno Boom Boom Pom Pom Red K Kid Blue K Kid Green K Kid

Bosses Virus King Boo Prince Boo Topmaniac Nega Shadow Mario Delta Omaga Goomboss Big Bullet Bill Mecha-Bowser Big Bully

Worlds Goomba Tower Luigi's Mansion Delfino Plaza Robot Factory Bullet Montain Land of Bullies Valley of Bowser Trivia

This is the first Super Mario Bros game to have Morton playable.

This is also the first game to have 8 players.

If one is Bowser and the other is his father, the enemies will run away.

This is the first game to have Koopa kids playable.

If everyone is a Koopa, they will collide and form a dragon for 1 minute.

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