New Super Mario Bros. U Make It is a game very similar to New Super Mario Bros. D. I. Y., but it has a few differences.

Playable Characters

You can change the characters in a game in any order.

Image Name Description Unlocked by
NsmbMario Mario Mario, the obvious hero of many Mario games. Default
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Luigi, AKA Player 2. Not anymore! He can be player 1 now, if you wish. Default
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad, AKA Player 3 or 4. Default
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad Yellow Toad, AKA P3 or 4. Default
NSMBΩWario Wario The former nemesis of mario can be put in as a playable slot for a game.(you get 4.) I reccomend you don't put him in! Make a game with Mario as player 2, 3, or 4.
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi A rival of Luigi, Waluigi is ready to roll! Not with Luigi, though. Make a game with Luigi as player 2, 3, or 4.
NSMBΩMaria Maria Mario's girl couisin. 'Nuff said! Make a game with Mario as Player 1.
NSMBΩLuise Luise Luigi's girl cousin. 'Nuff said again! Make a game with Luigi as player 1 after you unlock Maria.
250px-DonkeyDKCR Donkey Kong Mario's original enemy. He's going good!

Make a game without Mario or Luigi in it.

Baby R.O.B. R.O.B. Mario's robot friend joins the fight against bowser! Make a game with Mecha-Koopas in it.

Supporting Characters

Image Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshis Obtainable via Yoshi Eggs that you can put in item boxes or in the open. There are 8 different colors you can choose from, all with a different power.
Birdos Obtainable via Birdo eggs that you can put in item boxes or in the open. There are 8 different colors you can choose from, each with a different power.
Parabeetle atyou
Para-Beetle You can put Para-Beetles in levels either standing still or moving. They're sort of considered an enemy, but it's very hard for them to hurt you.
ToadtheShroom Toad Toads can be put in enemy courses. They'll give you 3 Super Mushrooms if you save them. He can also host toad houses.
ToadetteMP8 Toadette She can be put in enemy courses, She'll Give you 3 1-ups if you save her. Much more useful than Toad! She can also host toad houses.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth He can be put in enemy courses. He'll give you a random powerup if you save him.He can also host toad houses.
NSMBWiiPeach Damsels in Distress The main damsels in distress. You can pick only one out of 3.

Yoshis & Birdos

These are the rideable characters that you can put in levels.

Yoshi Color/Power Birdo
Mario Ridding on Yoshi Green-No power 280px-Birdo MP9
N/A Red-Spits Fireballs after eating a koopa Red Birdo NSMBS
N/A Yellow-Super Ground Pound Yellow Birdo
N/A Blue-Spits Iceballs after eating a koopa 280px-Birdo MP9 (1)WS
BlueToadOnPinkYoshi Pink: Spits Eggs after eating a koopa 121px
Orange-Can climb walls 280px-Birdo MP9 (1dddd
Purple yoshi Purple-can stomp spiny enemies PurplebirdoNSMBUMI


You can put any boss in any boss level. You can also skip bosses and have a flagpole at the end of a castle/tower level.

Image Boss How to unlock
Reznors Reznor Wheel Default
Allkoopalings Koopalings

Original koopalings-Default New koopalings-Make a game with all 8 koopalings in it.

SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom Make a game with at least 5 elements of SMB3.
PunpunSolo Pom Pom Make a game with Boom Boom and at least 5  elements of SM3DLand
MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Make a game with at least 100 goombas in it.
Bowserjr MP9 Bowser Jr. Default
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Make a game with at least 100 piranha plants in it.
Lakithunder NSMBDIY Lakithunder Make a game with at least 50 Lakitus in it.
King Sumo Bro. Sumo Bro. Make a game with at least 100 Hammer Bros in it.
Kamek YBA Kamek Make a game with more than 2 castles/towers for each world.
Bowser in Koopa Car Bowser Default
Koopa Troopa Boss Giga Koopa Unlock Star land


There are a total of  11 different worlds. you may use them in any order, and you could use them twice. Each world has a different tilesetk, and they all have sky tiles just in case.

World How to unlock
Grass Land
Cactus Desert
Icy Peaks
Tree Tropics
Giant Land
Fern Forest
Pipe Maze
Pointy Peaks
Underground Beat all underground levels in a made game.
Bowser Land
Star World Beat a made game.



The power-upsyou can put in ? Blocks.

Image Item Name Form
None None Small Mario Small-mario
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom Super Mario Mario NSMB2
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn Flying Squirrel Mario WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3
Gold Flower Gold Flower Gold Mario Gold MarioNSMBAS
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario NSMB2 Fire Mario
Ice Flower SMWU Ice Flower Ice Mario IceMario.
NSMBU Star Super Star Invincible Mario 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Penguin Mario Penguin Mario
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Hammer Mario Hammer Mario Final SM3DW
Blue Shell
Blue Shell Shell Mario
File:Blue Shell Mario.png
Bronze Flower
Bronze Flower Bronze Mario
Bronze Mario
MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom Mega Mario NSMB2 Mega Mario
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom Mini Mario NSMB2 Mini Mario

Items and Objects

Other things that you can put out in the open, in item boxes, or in SP-switches

Image Name
Coin NSMB2 Coin
Star Coin NSMB2 Star Coin
Red Coin Ring SMWU Red Ring
RedCoinsNSMB2 Red Coins
Blue Coin Art Blue Coin
Silver Coin YG99 Silver Coin
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushroom
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom
Yoshi Wings SMWU Yoshi Wings
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon
Mystery-block Question Block
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged Question Block
Rectangle Question Block Coin Block
Brick Block Brick Block
UsedBlock NSMBWii Used Block
Note Block ♪ Block
Roulette Block SMWU Roulette Block
Flip Block SMWU Flip Block
Grab Block SMWU Grab Block
Glow Block SMWU Glow Block
POWBlock POW Block
PowBlockNSMB2 Red POW Block
Hint block Hint Block
Snake Block SMWU Snake Blocks
P-Switch NSMB2 P-Switch
Silver P-Switch SP-Switch
NSMB Warp Pipe Pipe
Beanstalk NSMB2 Beanstalks
Green Shell NSMBU Koopa Shells
Midway Flag
SM3DL Flagpole Flagpole
NewToadDoor Door

Enemy courses

You can choose where on the map and what enemy is there out of these:

 Image Name
121px Goombas
Koopa Troopas
Piranha Plants
Hammer Bros.
Sledge Bros.
NewPodoboos Podoboos